Storm Preparedness For Your Household and Home

Storm Preparedness For Your Household and Home

When it comes to being prepared for Mother Nature, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here’s a refresher on how to practice storm preparedness.

As residents in Maryland, most of us are fortunate to face relatively low impact from hurricane and storm season throughout the Atlantic Basin. However, storms bring strong winds and threats of flooding to some parts of Maryland. Homeowners should know what to do in order to prevent significant damage to their homes and to prioritize the safety of their household. When it comes to being prepared for Mother Nature, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here’s a refresher on how to practice storm preparedness.

Emergency Plan and Kit

In the event you need to evacuate your home, or the power goes out from storm damage, you need to have a few essentials ready in an emergency kit. Have a discussion with household members regarding what to do, who’s responsible for what, and where they can find help or each other. Additionally, your emergency kit should hold enough provisions for each member of your household (including pets!) for three days. Make reassessing your emergency plan and supply stash an annual part of a spring safety check.

Protect Windows and Doors

Doors, garage doors, and windows are some of the areas that need extra protection and preparation ahead of a storm alert. If strong winds — and debris being carried — break down your doors and windows, it can create further damage to your home by letting in more wind, water, and storm debris. Most homes already have doors that can withstand water infiltration, wind pressure, and impact. Check that all your windows are properly sealed as part of your standard home maintenance. Storm-proof windows may be less popular among homes outside of the Eastern Shore. The best way to temporarily protect your windows ahead of a storm is to cover them with plywood.

Check the Sump Pump

In most homes that have a basement, that will likely be the first place to flood. Your home’s greatest defense against a basement flood from stormwater or backed up drains is the sump pump. Check that the sump pump is functioning correctly and that it has a backup supply of power to keep working in the event the rest of your home’s power goes out.

Mind Your Outdoor Maintenance

Yards can be damaged by a storm. Still, try to mitigate the potential debris that can fall and hit your home by clearing away dead or close hanging branches. You may have already checked and cleared your gutters and downspouts earlier in the spring, but give those areas a look over again. This should help direct rainwater down and away from your home, preventing any water from seeping into the foundation or any hidden cracks.

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