Real Estate Agents & Brokers

We look forward to working with you and recognize the value you provide your clients and our prospective homebuyers.  Please review our broker policy and procedures below, and feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like to pre-register your clients.

Broker Policy & Procedures

Columbia Builders, Inc. honors a 2.5% broker coop fee, calculated on the total sales price. We place a high value on professionalism and mutual cooperation with the members of the real estate community.  To avoid misunderstandings with buyer brokers and their clients, the following policy is strictly adhered to:

  1. We have no control over prospective purchasers changing real estate agents or working with more than one real estate agent.  Only one broker (agent) can be the “procuring cause” of a sale and that broker (agent) will be entitled to the broker fee.
  2. The broker fee will only be paid to the broker at settlement*.  If settlement does not occur for any reason, the broker fee will NOT be paid.  *For those purchasers utilizing construction to permanent financing, the broker fee will be paid upon completion of the home and final payment is made to Columbia Builders, Inc.
  3. Columbia Builders’ sales staff will be responsible for “showing” the model home, explaining its features, the community amenities, reviewing pricing/options and written offers directly with prospective purchasers.
  4. The Agreement of Sale must be written at the Columbia Builders’ sales office/model home on Columbia Builders’ forms.
  5. When an Agreement of Sale is executed, Columbia Builders’ sales staff will assist the purchaser with the necessary details regarding mortgage financing (if requested by purchaser) and closing arrangements (if requested by purchaser).
  6. THIS GUEST REGISTRATION is valid for sixty (60) days.