Get a Jump on Yard and Landscape Projects Now!

Get a Jump on Yard and Landscape Projects Now!

Spring and summer will be here sooner than we think. Get a start on yard and landscape projects so you can enjoy them when warmer weather arrives!

On Groundhog Day this year, Punxsutawney Phil climbed out of his burrow and didn’t see his shadow, which means he’s predicting an early spring in 2020. Well, we have no problems welcoming an early spring, and neither should you! Many people look forward to milder weather and the return of a green landscape, plus blossoming trees and gardens. Before we know it, summer is back too! What can we do while we wait?

Why not get started on some plans for outdoor home improvement with these beautifying yard and landscape projects? It’s important to prep this part of your home like you would refresh other areas for the coming seasons. Making outdoor living improvements and additions can improve your property value, and by the time the sunny days and warm nights return, you’ll have completed a desirable outdoor living area. Just be sure to call your landscaper soon before they book up for building time in spring.

Improve your Landscape with Hardscape

A deck or patio is the perfect foundation to build the rest of your backyard living space and landscape upon. Depending on your home’s layout, choose the option that leads directly and easily to and from your home to maximize your potential use. When building a custom home with CBI, we can design your outdoor living space so that it is an integral part of your home’s design. If you already have a deck or patio, plan for projects to rejuvenate them — power washing, re-staining a wood deck or replacing it with no-maintenance boards and vinyl railings, and replacing cracked patio tiles. With these cleaning and maintenance projects completed, you’ll be ready to convert the hardscape into an outdoor living area or an outdoor kitchen.  

Go Green

Planting flowers or other vegetation adds natural splendor back into your property. Homeowners may want to plan for a garden bed to grow their favorite veggies and herbs. Another project to look into is planting a tree. Trees are sure to give beauty and shade to your yard. In our climate, there are many varieties to choose from, including ornamental trees that can give interest or provide a centerpiece in your garden. Your choices run the gamut from those trees that offer unique textures and shapes to those that blossom.

Fence It In

The right type of fencing provides elegant beauty and practical privacy and security to your home. It also adds impressive curb-appeal and home-value. Look into installing a custom wood, metal, or vinyl fence around your yard. A fence should suit your unique landscape style and not negatively impact the view from your home, as well as coordinate with your home’s exterior façade.

Add Water

Bringing the water element to your yard can make your landscape feel so much more tranquil. Consider installing a backyard fountain or waterfall, and in summer, let the sound of trickling water mingle with the chirping crickets. Perhaps you’re interested in digging a pond and experimenting with aquatic vegetation or new pets, such as goldfish or koi.

Backyard Extras

Certainly, don’t forget to add new outdoor decor to finish off your living space. Fire pits can extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space well into the fall. Planters and pots can bring a bright splash of color to places in your yard where planting flowers in the ground isn’t practical. Nature watching is great fun, and one of the easiest ways to participate is to add bird feeders and a birdbath to your yard. Providing water for our feathered friends is essential to their health and well-being in the heat of the summer.

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