Keep Your Home Tidy To Help Create Calm

Keep Your Home Tidy To Help Create Calm

Over the past few months, plenty of homeowners have rediscovered the value of keeping the home tidy, especially as a means to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Stay-at-home orders are slowly easing up, yet many of us are still spending most of our time at home. Over the past few months, plenty of homeowners have rediscovered the value of keeping the home tidy, especially as a means to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Mess almost always equates to stress, so having your home organized where it counts can drastically improve your daily mood. There are three places to prioritize making your home tidy. 

Start at the Foyer and Mudroom

The foyer and the mudroom, for those that have them, are the first place we step into as we enter our homes. As such, this area can really set the tone for the rest of the house. Having everything arranged here in an orderly fashion and with a designated spot allows you to instantly feel comfortable and calm when you come through the front door. Have a hook or dish for keys. Closet organizers or cubbies can help you stow away hats, umbrellas, shoes, and more. Some pleasant decor, like an area rug or a potted plant, can instantly exude a warm welcome.

Keep Kitchen Countertops Clear

Aside from a nice fruit bowl or some smaller appliances, few things belong on the kitchen countertop around the clock. Finding a place to put away your kitchen odds and ends gives the impression of a tidy kitchen and a tidy home. There’s simply less kitchen clutter hanging about to distract from your kitchen design. Further, custom cabinetry can ensure everything has a place to go after prepping and washing up after a meal. If you have an open kitchen, which many homes today do, this tip can go especially a long way in keeping your home feeling tidy and calm.

Straighten Out the Family Room

Yes, the family room is designed and made for actual living during the day or in the evening for some family time. This is all the more reason to straighten out the family room at the end of the day, as a way to reset the room. Pick up any toys, books, and remotes, and stash them away or neatly placed back where they belong. Rearrange any pillows or throw blankets nicely on the couch to make it look cozy and inviting once more. Lastly, take any mugs, cups, or plates that held your now-finished drinks and snacks to the kitchen, either into the dishwasher or hand-washed, then put away. A tidy family room is a great and calming first sight to see when you come downstairs in the morning.

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