Why You Should Be a Fan of Ceiling Fans

Why You Should Be a Fan of Ceiling Fans

We’re making a sweeping declaration that we’re huge fans of ceiling fans in our homes, and here’s why you should be too!

Some people tend to think ceiling fans are an outdated room accessory. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Today’s ceiling fans come in so many styles and shapes. Plus, homeowners love what the right ceiling fan can add to a room. We’re making a sweeping declaration that we’re huge fans of ceiling fans in our homes, and here’s why you should be too!

They’re Energy-Efficient

First of all, ceiling fans make for a great addition to energy-efficient homes. Apart from choosing an ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fan, the fan’s function can complement your HVAC system to create an even more comfortable indoor environment. Ceiling fans create a draft to make any room feel cooler with gentle air movement. Similarly, you can even use your ceiling fan during colder seasons to circulate warm air around your home. Nearly every ceiling fan model has a switch or remote setting to spin the blades clockwise and counter-clockwise for either purpose.

Lends Light

A lot of ceiling fan models are a fan and light system in one. Therefore, homeowners can consider how they would like to use the fixture as part of their interior lighting design. A bright enough bulb could allow your ceiling fan to be the sole light source for a small room. You can certainly incorporate ceiling fans with your other lights and lamps to achieve a layered lighting effect. Further, ceiling fan lights can also come with dimming features, making them ideal for family rooms and bedrooms.

Create Style and Statement

It goes without saying that ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. These can complement any interior design as well as serve as an excellent statement piece. There are simple styles for a contemporary home and more ornate models that would look stunning in a luxury home.

Great for Different Rooms

Because ceiling fans serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, they make a versatile addition to almost any room in your home. They are great for a high-ceiling family room or a cozy home office. Have a home gym? A ceiling fan could help keep you cool during workouts without taking up floor space. Ceiling fans are especially nice in sunrooms and covered decks and patios. Many people get the best night’s sleep when their room is cooler, so bedrooms are another location to consider.

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