Let’s Look At Windows By Room

Let’s Look At Windows By Room

Windows serve both decorative and functional purposes in a home. Therefore, factors like the size, shape, number, and placement of windows can drastically affect each room in your house.

How do you feel about windows? When you ask most homeowners and homebuyers, the consensus seems to be the more windows and bigger, the better. But, let’s take a step back and think about this. Windows serve both decorative and functional purposes in a home. Therefore, factors like the size, shape, number, and placement of windows can drastically affect each room in your house. Especially when you’re designing a custom home, you’ll want to keep some of these considerations in mind when making decisions about your house’s windows. Here are a few thoughts on the windows for each room.

The Family Room

In many homes, the family  room presides as the largest room in the house. Design-wise, it could hold the most prominent windows or the most number of them without it seeming odd or throwing the room off-balance. However, think about the type of views you would be getting with these large window installations and if it makes sense for the  room’s orientation. South-facing windows let in the most natural light, but you’ll need to account for picking the right type of insulated windows to keep your home energy-efficient during the warmer, sunnier months.

The Dining Room

A brightly lit dining room by natural light streaming in from the windows looks fabulous during the day. But, most households only use their dining area at night. This could leave you with very little to view from the windows during the evenings, or just a bunch of drawn drapes. Having a few windows in the dining room can still be a great option, but leave space to add artwork and other decor to enhance the room visually. Nowadays, many folks opt to forego a formal dining room and have a large dining area located in the rear of the home adjacent to the family room with great views.

The Kitchen

In some homes, windows are positioned over the sink. Keep in mind that the more space you want to allocate to windows, the more you will have to sacrifice upper cabinet storage. Others have the sink in an oversized island. Either way, more windows in the kitchen is a trend that is here to stay.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms and windows are actually a great pairing! Of course, maintaining privacy remains a priority. However, there are still a few ways you can add windows and incorporate natural light into your bathrooms. Skylights, transom windows, frosted glass, or just hanging window treatments are only a few methods. Having that extra bit of natural light in your bathroom lends a more airy and open feel to any master bath or powder room. Plus, having windows that open is a great way to get fresh air on a nice day.

The Bedrooms

The number of windows you have in your bedrooms can be left up to personal preference, but having anywhere from one to three windows is standard in most modern homes. Also, having window coverings with current trends or clean line blinds can be great for dressing up the bedroom, giving you privacy, and even blocking light for a restful night of sleep.

The Garage

Whether you have a detached or attached garage, this is another place where it could be left up to you to decide however many windows you’d like. For an attached garage, it could be helpful to note that having a few windows will give your house exterior a more cohesive look when you have a big garage. Garages tend to get dusty and are a source of fumes from any minor construction, painting, or car storage, so cracking a window once in a while for better air circulation can’t hurt!

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