Bedroom Design Tips for Better Sleep and Rest

Bedroom Design Tips for Better Sleep and Rest

Using some key bedroom design tips and ideas can help with better quality sleep and rest.

Not long ago, we went over different ways to organize your living areas to help create calm. Similarly, using some key bedroom design tips and ideas can help with better quality sleep and rest. Whether you already think of your bedroom as a restful oasis or are recently finding yourself with fewer hours of sleep, consider these bedroom design changes that should make your room a sanctuary for slumber!

Comfy and Inviting Bed

At the end of the day — quite literally — your bedroom decor should prioritize a restorative night of sleep. Your bed will play one of the most significant roles in providing you with quality sleep. Starting with a good mattress, one that’s right for you, is key. If you have an old mattress, consider purchasing a new one after some thorough research into various options. For a cost-effective solution, use a mattress topper to achieve a comfortable sleeping surface.

Beds are often the statement furniture in a bedroom arrangement. However, it’s better to place comfort above all else. This could mean switching out your gorgeous but scratchy and uncomfortable bedding set for one that actually feels good to the touch. There are plenty of comfy yet chic options on the market.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter and mess can be too much of a mental and visual distraction to relax in a bedroom. Where possible, use smart storage ideas and good practices to keep your bedroom tidy. This could mean using closet organizers to fit all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, or having a nightstand with closed storage. You can have items out on your nightstand, but be mindful of your choices. Some suggestions would be your current reading material, a coaster for a glass of water, and an unlit candle in your favorite soothing scent. Smaller bedside essentials like lip balm or hand lotion, even your eyeglasses and cellphone, could go into the drawers overnight.

Carpet or Area Rug

Arguably, there is no cozier flooring than carpet in a bedroom design. Not only is it soft and warm feeling underfoot, it can help dampen noise, which also benefits those trying to achieve better sleep. While frequent vacuuming is a given to keep dust under control, carpet flooring may be a less desirable option for those with allergies or concerned about indoor air quality. Or, you may already have some other hard flooring option that isn’t carpeting. In that case, a large area rug, or multiple rugs, could be a suitable alternative. Plus, you can definitely add more personality and interest to your bedroom floors with plush and stylish rugs.

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