What Homeowners Find Essential in a Modern Kitchen Design

What Homeowners Find Essential in a Modern Kitchen Design

Whatever the style, from traditional to contemporary, a modern kitchen design should incorporate a few key features to appeal to more homeowners.

Kitchens come in many layouts, styles, and configurations. When homebuyers choose a new house to call their own, they will be planning something special in their desired kitchen design. Whatever the style, from traditional to contemporary, a modern kitchen design should incorporate a few key features to appeal to more homeowners. The following are some items that homeowners simply must-have in todays’ kitchens.

Ample Storage

Kitchen cabinets are the predominant solution to creating stylish and efficient kitchen storage. While the cabinets’ outward appearances are definitely worth the investment, it’s often the inside construction, durability, and extra features that determine their overall value and storage potential. Are there built-in organizers, pullout shelves, swing-out shelves, and more to improve the way you stow away and reach for kitchen goods and tools?

Layered Lighting Design

The perfect layered lighting situation can make any kitchen feel more glam and functional. By layered lighting, we mean that the kitchen design incorporates recessed ceiling lights, pendant lights, undercabinet lights, and other accent lighting to illuminate your kitchen. In fact, the attention to detail in the lighting often indicates how new or efficient a home is.

A Sensible Kitchen Sink

An insufficient sink can make using your kitchen a struggle, while a sensible sink can take a modern kitchen design to greater heights! The sink is where we wash our hands, dishes, and produce. A too-small sink with poor kitchen placement can hinder your daily usage of this workhorse appliance. Nowadays, there are many large multipurpose sinks with accessories available. And often folks will incorporate a second smaller prep sink within the kitchen or in a nearby beverage center.

An Island

Most open and closed kitchens that have the space do utilize a kitchen island, if there’s the opportunity to build one into the kitchen plan. A brilliantly designed kitchen island provides extra cabinet storage and countertop space. It’s also a prime area to include the kitchen sink, a cooktop, microwave oven, dishwasher, or other appliance. In addition, many homeowners love a kitchen island to create counter seating or bar seating within the kitchen. This makes the kitchen a great place for modern busy families to spend time together or just a great option for hosting  guests.


Let’s not forget about countertops, which are often the statement piece and workhorse of the kitchen space. The variety of materials available for your surfaces is quite expansive, and we are seeing mixed materials, both natural and manufactured, within modern kitchens as well.  Homeowners may choose from stainless steel, unique wood and butcher block styles, maintenance-free quartz, and Corian type products. There is also granite, marble, and recycled materials using glass and concrete, along with many other available options to customize your kitchen design.

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