Why Should Your Home Be Energy Star Certified?

Columbia Builders Energy Star Certified

Having an Energy Star certified home comes with many benefits, some of which you might not expect.

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you go to relax after a long or stressful day. You’re meant to come back to a space that is comfortable and calming, but if your home isn’t energy efficient you might find yourself in a space that is sweltering, or freezing, dusty and drafty with exorbitant bills. Saving money on a home build in the short run will definitely cost you in the long run, so it’s a good idea to consider having your home built to the appropriate standards to make it Energy Star certified.

Lower Bills

Most people with an Energy Star certified home would probably say that their favorite part is the lower utility bills. You will save a lot of money every year on heating, cooling, and even water bills. This means more money can be saved for you and your family.

Expert Construction

Energy Star homes save money by being built in a way that is precise and mindful to meet strict Energy Star standards. Efficient water systems, properly anchored and sealed windows, and appropriate insulation are just some of the many features of an Energy Star home that will keep your bills low and your comfort high. Your home will enjoy the most meticulous construction so that it’s efficient as well as thoughtfully crafted.

Comfortable Living

Energy Star homes have excellent insulation and clever design that keeps your home warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot without running your central heating and air conditioning all day long. The temperature inside your home will stay steady for longer periods of time, keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the days and nights.

Increased Home Value

Energy Star certified homes have a higher resale value than other homes. These homes are becoming more popular and desirable each year, so they’re an excellent investment for your future. Having your home Energy Star certified can increase its value by up to 6%. With how much money can be saved on bills and how much value it adds to your home, Energy Star will easily pay for itself in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

Lower energy use is good for the environment, too! Conserving water and energy goes a long way to making your home greener and lowering your environmental impact. As many of us are looking for ways to curb our harm to the environment, having an Energy Star certified home is one of the best ways because it’s as good for you as it is for our beautiful planet Earth.

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