Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

Columbia Builders Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

There are several ways to spruce up your exterior and give your home curb appeal.

There’s no denying that the interior of your home is important. This space needs to be functional and fashionable so that it suits your needs while making you and your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Sometimes, the need for curb appeal comes second to interior design. However, your home’s first impression happens before someone pulls into your driveway. Don’t forget to carefully plan your home’s design to include curb appeal that gives off a majestic and welcoming aura to all who approach it.


What your home says to passersby starts with its exterior design. What you choose for your home’s exterior depends on your own tastes and what you want to portray. Brick feels kind of vintage, but sturdy and impressive. Vinyl siding is modern but also simple and plain. Stucco is often used in arid climates, so it reminds those who see it of deserts. Think about color and texture when determining which exterior style is best for your home.

Deck or Patio

Few things are more welcoming than a deck or patio. A well-kept front deck with plants and furniture makes people want to walk up to it and sit there. It creates a relaxing feel and is an extension of your living space where you can enjoy a cold drink while listening to the sounds of nature. It can be painted or stained to match your home or even create a complementary color scheme that makes your home stand out amongst the rest.


The lighting fixtures for your front porch should go with your home’s aesthetic because they can add that little extra touch of luxury. Your front porch lighting is important, but so is your yard lighting. Putting lighting along your front path will really make your home pop, especially at night. With the right pieces, this can really elevate the look of your home and its outdoor space, making it feel luxurious with its illumination.


Landscaping and hardscaping can draw eyes in on your home, and they can be very welcoming aspects whenever you come back after being out. Trees, bushes, and flowers that are well-kept and neatly arranged will create a serene place for you to spend time or just a beautiful scene for you, your guests, and passersby to enjoy. A paved walkway to your front door makes it easy for guests to get to it and makes them feel welcome. A well-kept lawn lets people know you care about your home and the way it looks, giving it an almost regal feeling when all of these landscaping components are combined. You can even go the extra mile and add a water feature!

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