Kitchen Cabinets and Key Questions to Consider

Kitchen Cabinets and Key Questions to Consider

Asking yourself these key questions can get you thinking about the characteristics of your kitchen cabinets that are critical but often overlooked.

Your kitchen cabinets play one of the biggest roles in a high functioning and gorgeous kitchen. So whether you’re building a custom home or renovating your current kitchen, make sure you pay plenty of attention to your kitchen cabinets. Beyond the color, finish, and hardware of your cabinets, it’s best to examine the quality of craftsmanship and installation. Asking yourself these key questions can get you thinking about the characteristics of your kitchen cabinets that are critical but often overlooked.

What are They Made From?

Simply put, the better quality material your cabinets are made from, the longer they will last. Most cabinet-makers and home builders agree that solid hardwood and furniture grade plywood makes for some of the highest quality kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry made from particle board may have a lower price point and mimic some custom cabinets. However, it’s certainly not as durable as hardwood or plywood and is more likely to experience moisture problems and warp.

How Thoughtful Is The Construction?

The outward appearance of your kitchen cabinets can be stunning, but will you be just as impressed when you take a closer look inside? Firstly, assess how the cabinet front-frame is attached to the cabinet body. If they are simply nailed to the side panels rather than joined by skillful woodworking, that could indicate that the manufacturer cut costs and put less care into the construction. Are the shelves within an adequate thickness, at least ¾ inch? Otherwise, low-quality shelves will sag or crack under the weight of all your stored kitchen goods.

Do The Drawers Seem Durable Too?

Having well-made drawers is just as important when appraising the quality of your kitchen cabinetry set. These can hold a considerable amount of weight, such as utensils, organizers, and other miscellaneous items. Make sure that the drawers themselves are constructed from superior woodworking, like dovetail joinery. Consider if the drawer guides are exposed on the sides or mounted underneath the drawers. Typically, the finished look of undermount drawer guides yields a cleaner appearance and opens much more smoothly and quietly than side-mounted drawer slides.

What Type of Features Are Available?

Some cabinet lines have a large selection of options from which to choose that allow your kitchen to show like a custom one-of-a-kind design. Integrating appealing exterior design features that also serve a function, such as a decorative wood hood, can reflect your personal style without the one-of-a-kind price tag. Looking inward, if you choose a manufacturer that offers a variety of features for the interior of your cabinets, you will be very happy with the everyday use of your kitchen space and the ease at which you can enjoy your family time in the most used room of the house.

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