How to Relieve Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever can be a real drag for the whole family. Try out our advice for staying engaged while stuck at home!

As we move into the coldest time of the year here in the Mid-Atlantic, we’re all beginning to wish for longer, sunnier and warmer days!  Being housebound due to inclement weather, illness, or simply the outside temps, can make every member of your family feel a bit stir crazy.  But, you can beat the winter blues and use the time spent indoors to your advantage. Here are a few productive and entertaining ideas to curb cabin fever this winter.

The Digital World

Do you have a back log of important documents or priceless photos that you’ve been meaning to scan and store electronically?  Organizing and protecting these valuable and irreplaceable items is great way of making use of your time during the winter months.  Not only will you safeguard your photos from loss or damage (preserving them for the next generation!), you’ll also find that having all of your important documents in a digital form will make life a bit easier going forward.  If you currently store documents in a safe deposit box at your bank branch, having copies of that at your fingertips can be a time saver. It’s also a great time for audiophiles to overhaul their digital music catalogs.

Engage in Family Activities

Is the whole family snowed in?  Engage the younger members of your family by baking a treat!  This activity is a learning tool as well as a way to have fun.  From reading the recipe to calculating time, measurements and fractions, kids can each have a task and the opportunity to sharpen a skill.  Spend some quality time by playing board games (one at a time or tournament style); reading together, which produces a calming effect on the mind, with the added bonus of learning; or even watching television.  History and nature programs, movies or even the guilty pleasure of binge-watching a series can occupy time spent indoors, especially if anyone is under the weather needing some rest.

Plan a Project

Advance planning makes every project go a lot smoother!  Thinking about moving? Then it’s time to de-clutter the house before it goes on the market and tackle any repairs.   On the flip side, if you’re considering a move, assess and research areas that you wish to target and prioritize your requirements for a new home.   Perhaps a major or minor home improvement is in your future? Spend a day searching for design ideas online and collect images of what you love. It’s easy to get lost in all of the information available, so review your goals and set a few parameters before you begin.  For a major remodel, focus on the layout, traffic patterns and functionality of the space in question. For an easier decorating makeover, have fun searching paint colors, furniture and accessories.

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