Decluttering Advice For Your Home


Decluttering your home can be a struggle if you don’t know where to begin. Take these steps to get started.

Winter usually equates to spending more time indoors, which can often leave us feeling idle and ready to take on a project.  January is a perfect time to organize your home. Retailers are well stocked with storage solutions, with many offering annual sales this month.  Although the thought of decluttering your home may be overwhelming, most folks find that small successes keep them going. Making a list and setting goals will give you the best chance for completion and success.  Reducing the accumulation of clutter in your home can be an incredibly positive experience—especially when you’re armed with these tips for getting started.

Ease Into It

With a plan in place, you avoid the pitfall of trying to do too much at once.  Few of us have the time to undertake one massive whole-house purge, and this can lead to procrastination, which results in little being accomplished.  Start with something easy so you can relish a victory! As progress is made, you will find the momentum to keep going.

Establish Priorities

Most organizational experts agree, when it comes to tidying up bedrooms and sorting through personal items, begin with your own clutter first – not your spouses, child’s, or roommate’s.  This simple act establishes that you’re taking responsibility for your own belongings, while encouraging everyone else to join in. If you have youngsters in your household, they will need assistance, but be sure to include them in the process!   Learning to organize and being responsible for one’s own space and possessions presents valuable teaching moments. And remember, when moving on to the common areas of your home, be sure to prioritize which spaces are the most in need of help, and tackle those next.

Best Places to Start

Small jobs should be your starting point.  A linen closet, under the bathroom or kitchen sink, a coat closet – these are limited areas that can be organized quickly.  A great next step is emptying out your closet and drawers and sorting your clothing by what you wish to keep, donate, or even sell.   Stay on the right track by tackling your files and paperwork next. Organizing, filing and labeling all of your important papers – either in paper or electronic files.   Once these basic tasks are finished, you’ll be better equipped to focus on typically more challenging areas such as your basement, attic, and garage – not to mention a thorough evaluation of memorabilia, collections and other keepsakes that many of us find difficult to purge or sell.

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