Color in Your Home


The right color palette can make your home feel complete and truly personal.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re looking to refresh your current décor.  In either instance, color is a design element that perplexes many of us. Neutrals are so popular because of their safe, universal appeal; however, nothing personalizes and completes your home more than the right color palette.  In the same way great color choices can unify your design, choosing and pairing the wrong hues can distract from the function and architectural style of your home. As mentioned in last week’s blog, there are countless design sites online where you can find insight.  But let’s look at a few great starting places right at home, to guide you in the right direction.

Gain Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in many places in and around your home, yet it is often the starting point that eludes many of us.  Do you live in an area with a gorgeous view? Whether it’s a pond or an ocean, mountains, or just a gathering of tall trees, nature can provide a bounty of ideas.  Today’s popular blues and greens are nature’s neutrals. We don’t often pair these colors together in our homes, yet they are paired outside, every day. So consider your location as a guide to what you might want your interior reflect.   Indoors, textiles and artwork can provide the insight for the rest of space. Do you have a large room that will be home to sectional seating? A gorgeous and unique fabric is often a designer’s jumping off point – paint color, rugs, and just about everything else in the space will come together based on that one fabric.  Artwork can also make a bold statement and offer a foundation for other decisions.

Complement and Contrast

Resist the temptation to match.  You’re décor will resonate if you focus on complimentary and contrasting colors and selections.  Pale colors can provide an eye pleasing backdrop that will allow you to bring a dark accent color, or contrasting hue into the space.  It is this dynamic contrast that will bring life to your room.  Although most folks will want to use restraint with bright colors, keep in mind that with a neutral background and furniture, the pop these colors give can be quite cheerful and pleasant.

Consider Function and Style

There are some areas of your home where color rules can be a bit less restrained.  Bright colors enhance the fun vibe you might aim for in a child’s bedroom or play area.  And, these relaxed rules give – do we dare say it – a spark of joy to the space. Another consideration is your personal style and temperament.  Do you like to change your décor often, even seasonally? You might choose a palette of whites. There is an abundance of shades of white available which enhance and highlight architectural details in a home, and also provide the perfect background for showcasing any color you desire.

Sample then Commit

The last word on selecting a color palette for your home is to sample your color choices first.  Sample boards are inexpensive to create and easy to move around your home. Applying two coats of paint, in the desired finish of your final project, is the key to obtaining accurate results.  If your walls aren’t currently white, tack up a white cloth on which to place your sample boards. Be sure to look at your color samples at different times during the day as well – natural light plays an important role in color selection.

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