Four Custom Home Features You Won’t Want to Skip

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Make your kid’s dream come true by adding a secret kid’s playroom to your custom home!

A brand new, custom home is usually a person’s indoor paradise. So many custom-built luxury homes are made to delight homeowners and guests alike. But even the nicest of luxury homes in Howard County can be a little dull when there’s a lack of interesting features. But there are plenty of unique installations one can add to change the formula! Here are four interesting features you can add to your luxury custom home to change things up a bit from the norm.

Work Station Sink

Your kitchen will more than likely be one of the most frequented places in your custom home, but let’s face it– it also might become the most cluttered. Eliminate the need for two common clutter sources, a strainer and cutting board, by installing a workstation sink. These two cooking essentials will be installed directly into the sink design and can be cleaned easily with a little soap and water. There’s no need to take up unnecessary space.

Secret Rooms Inside the Custom Home

Every child imagines having a secret room behind a bookshelf like in so many famous movies, and even a lot of ex-kid custom home owners might also yearn to fulfill that childhood dream. Why not satisfy it with a “secret room” addition? This is a favorite addition for many reasons, not only for the excitement of having a secret room but also for its practical use. Turn your secret room into a hobby room, kid’s playroom, or even just as an extra storage space.

Dog Wash Station

We all love our little fuzzy canine friends, but not so much when they drag dirt and grime into the house after playing outside. Plus, bathing your dog is not a fun experience for luxury homeowners, especially for those who choose not to install a bathtub. Why not add a simple addition to your home, like a small dog washing station? This is essentially a tiny shower system that is installed into a laundry room, mudroom, or other places wherever there’s plumbing that is perfectly dog-sized. Never deal with dirty pet messes again with a dog wash station in your new home. 

Built-in Drink Cooler

Even the largest of fridges are susceptible to becoming full of groceries, which can lead to annoying and time-consuming Jenga stacking games. If your family consumes a lot of bottled or canned beverages, consider adding a built-in mini-fridge or cooler to your custom home. When built directly into a cabinet, you can grab a cold drink when you need it without cluttering up the main refrigerator. 

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