What Should My Custom Home Look Like? A Quick Guide to Architecture

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A nice feature of a custom home is that they can come in virtually any shape or size depending on your budget!

The first step in planning any custom home build is to do your research on different houses and architectural designs. You can do this by driving around Howard County and viewing various neighborhoods, or even Google Images can be your best friend. But even still, there are thousands of home designs to choose from out there, and narrowing them down to one style for your custom home may be difficult. But, a custom home is a custom home for a reason. You have the autonomy to combine and restructure any style you deem fit to your liking. To aid in your desire for your dream custom home, we at Columbia Builders have compiled a helpful list of best-selling architectural designs to help bring your vision together. 

Modern Style Custom Home

The modern architectural style is often one of the easiest to recognize because of its unique attributes. This style came into existence in the mid 20th century as a rejection of the old-fashioned norms of houses built before the second world war. Often geometric in style, modern style custom homes feature a low pitch roof and unique exterior attributes for clean lines such as concrete panels as well as open floor plans. Windows are a staple of any modern custom home. Sometimes, they are even floor to ceiling. This is a very eye-catching type of architecture with a bit of a retro flair. 


Mediterranean homes are inspired by the houses along the southern coastlines of Spain, Italy, and France. As these areas are traditionally blessed with beautiful year-round weather, a natural look with lots of plants and vines on the exterior are preferred. Usually, Mediterranean homes have an open floor plan with very few closed doors. Archways and clay motifs are found throughout the custom home, inside and out. These homes tend to have an air of added luxury

French Chateau and Country Custom Homes

A French chateau home is one of the most elegant designs a custom home can have, inspired by the medieval castles of Europe. Design typically includes steep rooves and large, ornate chimneys. The interior floor plans are usually rather traditional, with lots of doors for added privacy. There is also a French country home, which is essentially a chateau-styled home but much less ornate. Instead of solid-color walls, country homes aim for a more natural look using natural stones or antique bricks.

Farmhouse and Craftsman

A farmhouse custom home is ideal for anyone moving into a more rural area in Howard County with land to place a custom home. A thoroughly American-styled home, these traditional houses have withstood the test of time. Featuring large porches, generous kitchen area, and clean line exteriors with stone, both a variety of siding in both shake, vertical and horizontal, farmhouse & Craftsman homes are classy, simple, and family-friendly. 


Traditional and Colonial

Tried and true some folks still opt for classic Traditional and Colonial style homes with a twist, an open flowing interior design. These homes can have siding exteriors, brick fronts or full stone, or a mixture. And some folks will opt for EIFS, a product that looks like Stucco but that can handle the Howard County Maryland weather.

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