Flag Day Etiquette Guide

Flag Day Etiquette Guide

Treating the flag with respect and dignity is a top priority every day, not just on upcoming Flag Day.

With Memorial Day’s recent events and Flag Day incoming on June 14th, it is high time to show that patriotic spirit by displaying your American flags. However, there is a proper way to do so while honoring those who serve, the country, and our ideas of liberty. Today, we’ll discuss Flag Day etiquette and how to display your flag correctly, whether American or something else you have pride in!

General Rules to Follow

The American flag is a symbol of the country and its citizens. Treating the flag with respect and dignity is a top priority every day, not just on Flag Day. As such, the flag should be handled with absolute care, and strict adherence to the proper rules should be followed. Below are a few of the general guidelines for displaying or moving the flag:

  • The flag should be hung with the blue starred section, also known as the Union, in the top left.
  • When displayed in a church, stage, or public venue, the flag should be in a position of honor and placed on the right side of the stage or speaker facing the audience.
  • If used to cover a casket, the Union should be over the left shoulder, covering the head.

Other Special Holidays

Some holidays require the American flag displayed either full staff or half staff. These holidays include: New Year’s Day, Inauguration Day, MLK’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Veteran’s Day, and many more. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day requires the flag at half staff. There are also days when the flag should not be raised at all, such as when there is inclement weather.

Where to Hang the Flag

The best way to hang the American flag is by a flagpole. This makes it easy to adhere to the displaying rules. If using a traditional, long flag pole, placing the flag in an open location out in the front of your property is a prime location. If you are using a short, wall mounted flag pole, placing the flag next to or above your front door is also a fantastic idea. Both of these choices give a classic yet respectful look and can even be part of an exterior finish.

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