Can Home Design Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Can Home Design Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Within our homes, we can make a few smarter decisions that can improve indoor air quality while maintaining plenty of style.

As a strong proponent of energy-efficient homes, Columbia Builders appreciates homeowners’ desires for a home with excellent performance as well as great looks. As part of this, we also understand how people rely on their efficiently operating HVAC system to circulate clean air throughout their household. Indoor air quality often does not receive as much discussion because folks tend to assume the air quality in their home is okay or not causing any adverse impacts on their health. That could be where these homeowners are mistaken. 

Between tracking in outdoor allergens to invisible chemical emissions and even loose pet dander lurking in our homes, we can’t always be sure that the indoor air quality is the safest it can be. But, at least within our homes, we can make a few smarter decisions that can improve indoor air quality while maintaining plenty of style.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Hypoallergenic materials, namely textiles and fabrics, have been made without dangerous chemical substances during the process. Often, it’s these lingering chemicals that cause adverse reactions like irritation or allergies in people. When searching for furniture with upholstery or other fabric decors like curtains and cushions, find alternatives made with hypoallergenic materials and natural fibers. Some examples include linen, cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo, and wool.

Tile and Hardwood Floors

Carpets and rugs are a cozy and stylish addition to many homes but could trigger some people’s respiratory issues and cause indoor air quality problems. The fibers can trap allergens and dander that cause irritation. Generally, tile and hardwood flooring is far easier to clean since it won’t hold onto these particulates. If necessary, you can look into hypoallergenic carpets and rugs.

Low and No-VOC Paints

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are the chemical gases that can be released into the air. VOCs are found in many building materials, which include paints. In fact, that new-paint-smell that many people know is actually caused by the VOCs breaking down and being released into the atmosphere. If you’re starting a new paint project for your walls, kitchen cabinets, or furniture, look for a paint formula using low or no-VOC. 

Extra Steps

At the end of the day, there are extra steps we can take that don’t necessarily affect home design to improve air quality in our homes. Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Using the ventilation hood when cooking in the kitchen
  • Opening the windows for fresh air once in a while
  • Adding potted plants to your interior decor
  • Getting an air purifier to trap dust, dirt, and dander

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