Home Decorating Trends for 2020

Home Decorating Trends for 2020

Look no further for home decorating inspiration this season! Check out these exciting trends.

At Columbia Builders, we are big believers in refreshing homes for each new season. As the world changes out there, we can take the time to make adjustments in our homes as well — and springtime is certainly a great time to do so. With the return of longer days and a green landscape, chances are you’ll love to breathe some new life into your interior after wintertime.  Below, we examine this year’s decorating trends, which are fun and surprising, and sure to give a lively update to your interior décor. Read on for inspiration and ideas you can incorporate into your own home this spring.

More Colors and Patterns

For the last few years, elegant, chic homes have dominated the decorating scene with their light neutral and white color-schemes. In 2020, decorating trends are shaking things up in the color department! For starters, Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a shade hinting to “the sky at dusk.” Many shades of blue have seen a rise in popularity for kitchen cabinets, as well as wall paint. But blue hues aren’t the only shades we’re seeing more and more of in homes. Warm, saturated ochre and terracotta colors, along with rich jewel tones are making a comeback, too. Designers and homeowners everywhere are embracing color-contrast, two-tone designs in their living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Patterns (and lots of them) are also finding their way into homes, through statement tiling, graphic wallpapers, and even unique rugs. Popular patterns include floral and jungle-inspired designs.

Statement Furniture

Modern and eclectic style perfectly describes this year’s furniture trends. Bold and unexpected colors and shapes are sure to add intriguing detail throughout your home. Curved sofas and leather sofas are just some of the seating styles we can expect to see more of throughout the year. Accent these sofas with cozy textured throw blankets and pillows, such as those made from shearling, mohair, and faux fur. Other furniture pieces like shelves, coffee tables, and T.V. stands are taking on unique forms as well. These items are best described as looking more sculptural, using mixed materials like wood, metal, and glass. For a sustainable option, look for furniture made with reclaimed wood.

Natural Elements

The decorating trends are suggesting a return to styles and textures inspired by elements from nature. Done correctly, this lends a calming feel throughout your living space. Armchairs, shelves, and decorative baskets made from rattan, cane, and bamboo are trending. No longer relegated to the outdoors, nature-inspired materials are modern accent pieces anyone can incorporate into their home. Live houseplants are also a way to bring nature indoors, especially when placed near large windows, inviting both natural light and a sense of connection to your home’s outdoor landscape. Reclaimed wood as mantels, barn doors, and shelving remain popular in today’s farmhouse style, but wood panels are in resurgence, too. To keep this style from looking too dated, opt for thinner, light-colored wood panels and experiment with angled applications.

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