Elevate Your Home Bathroom With A High-Tech Toilet

Elevate Your Home Bathroom With A High-Tech Toilet

Today, we’re talking toilets: from the simple enhancements to high-tech extras that can redefine home bathroom standards in the 21st century.

Truthfully, when many people consider ways to improve their home, even during a bathroom remodel, they can overlook one critical area: the toilet! After all, a homeowner’s main focus is usually centered around luxury showers and glamorous sink vanities. As far as the actual appliance goes, it needs to be comfortable to use and easy to clean. There are many modern toilet designs, upgraded with interesting tech, that can truly transform your home’s porcelain throne. Today, we’re talking toilets: from the simple enhancements to high-tech extras that can redefine home bathroom standards in the 21st century.

Comfort Height

Comfort height toilets don’t seem like the definition of futuristic toilet features, but it’s certainly a start into evolving toilet design. These toilet models are taller than standard manufactured models by about 2 inches. It makes it easier for the aging population or those with mobility issues to sit and stand back up comfortably after use. These toilets come in many styles and price points, so it’s easy to install these comfort height toilets to all of your home bathrooms.

Multi-Flush and Water-Saver

Another reasonably common toilet feature nowadays is models with multi-flush options that flush with more or less water. That way, homeowners can use a full flush or lighter flush if there’s liquid waste only. Toilets are used regularly in any household, so all that saved water can really show on your next water bill.

Overflow Protection

A practical but less flashy tech for your home bathroom is a toilet with overflow protection. The last thing you want to deal with is water damage and sanitization efforts if a toilet ever gets back up. Instead, invest and install a toilet with overflow protection that prevents a user from flushing more water into the bowl if there’s a clog.

Automatic Seat and Lid Lift

It’s a pretty good practice to leave the seat and lid down when flushing or when the toilet is not in use. This small detail leaves a tidier impression of the home bathroom. However, homeowners understandably don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of remembering or always touching the lid to lift or close it. Hence, an automatic lid and seat lift can make things a lot easier and more hygienic. Some toilets have a controlled close, so there are no more accidental slams of the toilet seat or lid.

Bowl Light

At first thought, it might sound silly and unnecessary to have a built-in light in your toilet bowl. However, these lights actually function as a night light for nighttime bathroom breaks. The soft glow of light from the bowl is not so harsh on the eyes while helping users navigate the toilet in the dark, which can go a long way in keeping everything more hygienic.

Built-In Bidet

Bidets may not be so common in America, but the fad is catching on quickly across many high-end homes. There are separate attachments that homeowners can install to their existing toilets, or they can go for a high-tech toilet with an integrated bidet design. Users can adjust to the experience of a bidet, and take advantage of several other neat built-in features, such as warm air dryers, seat warmers, automatic flush, or instant air freshener.

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