Is Installing a Yard Irrigation System Worth It?

Is Installing a Yard Irrigation System Worth It?

A yard irrigation system makes for an excellent investment when it comes to lawn care and overall home value.

In-ground sprinklers or a yard irrigation system always seem like a lesser talked about investment for your home. After all, homeowners can feel strongly about saving the few thousand dollars on components and installation for what they perceive as only marginal benefits. In reality, one could argue a yard irrigation system makes for an excellent investment when it comes to lawn care and overall home value. There are a few types of irrigation systems available, and they all offer some notable advantages.

Hydrated and Healthy Lawn

A yard irrigation system can take the guesswork out of ensuring all parts of your lawn and yard are adequately hydrated. You can adjust by sprinkler section how much water gets delivered to each zone. The lawn may require more or less water compared to your vegetable garden. With an irrigation system, you won’t risk ever accidentally overwatering or underwatering the grass and any other plants in your yard. Overall, this means a beautiful and healthy-looking lawn throughout the year.

Convenient to Use

Landscapers and gardeners will tell you that the best time of day to water your lawn and most plants are in the early hours of the morning before full sunlight comes out. This leaves ample time for the water to absorb into the yard and garden beds, and less water is lost through evaporation. Homeowners with hectic mornings will trust their yard irrigation system to care for their lawns properly with little effort on their part, which sure beats rigging up sprinklers and remembering to manually turn them on or rotating them around the yard every so often.

Reduce Water Usage

When homeowners use their sprinkler system to deliver the ideal amount of water at the most favorable time of day, there is very little wasted water. A professionally planned and installed yard irrigation system ensures that the sprinkler system’s layout is optimized for where water is needed, not for sidewalks or driveways. In addition, sprinkler heads can be replaced as needed, so the method of water delivery is better suited for larger areas of grass or delicate flowers. All in all, the amount of control homeowners will have over their water usage with a yard irrigation system can create long-term savings.

Boost Home Value

A permanent irrigation system makes for an attractive feature for your property if you ever decide to sell your home. You’ll also have a healthy and lush lawn, which certainly increases the curb appeal of your property as well. Given the considerable upfront cost of installation, this may not be the home improvement for everyone, but it is definitely a significant benefit to highlight and make your property stand out!

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