Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Custom Home?

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Hiring an interior designer for your custom home can save you a lot of time and stress, but it’s not the right choice for everyone.

The whole idea behind building your own custom home is to have a space that is tailored specifically to you, your family, and your lifestyle. One of the ways to accomplish this is with the perfect interior design. There are many interior styles, and an endless number of ways to design your home into an oasis—hiring a professional interior designer could be what you need for the perfect home that’s ready the day you move in.

Advantages of an Interior Designer

Handing Over Control

If you’re too busy to go over every detail of your interior design or you don’t have a good design eye, handing over control to an interior designer could be the best option. They can take control of the design of your home while considering your opinion and going over options with you to figure out what the final result should look like. This can take a lot of the stress off of you and still ensure a beautiful, move-in-ready home by the end.


A professional interior designer is equipped with extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to create the best design possible for your home. They can find unique and interesting ways to utilize the space and make it a perfect fit for you and your family. They also have a vast knowledge of styles, brands, and trends that allow them to consider a broader range of options than most people. 

Disadvantages of an Interior Designer

Handing Over Control

Depending on your situation and ability, handing over control could be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. For those who want a more custom design that doesn’t follow common trends, finding an interior designer to help realize that vision could prove difficult. Every interior designer has their own style, so it’s critical to take your time and find one that you trust to design your home. Meeting with interior designers can take a lot of time and effort.

Extra Cost

Building a custom home is a serious investment, and it might be difficult to justify the cost of a professional interior designer on top of everything else. Their services can be incredibly useful and important for those who want a beautifully designed home ready for their move-in day, but they come at a premium price that needs to be carefully considered and budgeted.

Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Whether or not an interior designer is right for you depends on several factors. You should consider hiring an interior designer if:

  • You lack a design eye
  • You want a move-in-ready home
  • You want to save time

An interior designer isn’t the right choice for everyone. You might choose not to hire an interior designer if:

  • You have a detailed vision for your home design
  • You enjoy the design process
  • You want to save money

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