Designing a Home Office

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Your home office is your space to design, so there’s no need to work in a sterile, lifeless space. Jazz it up!

Designing a home office might initially seem like a simple task—put a desk, chair, and maybe a bookshelf in a room and then get to work. The thing is, your home office is a room you will likely spend a lot of time in. Going to work, even when you’re working from home, is miserable when you’re stuck in a lifeless cubicle or closet all day. Lend your personality to your home office design so you can enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable workday.


Don’t settle for sterile cubicle furniture that doesn’t flow with your interior design. Your office is a workspace, but you’ll be spending a lot of time in it so it’s important to make the space feel comfortable while creating an aesthetic you love to be surrounded by each day. Paint one or more walls your favorite color, add wallpaper, and choose furniture that suits your personal taste. This is your office, so it should feel like you designed it.


Think carefully about how to design your personal office. Make sure windows won’t create a glare on your computer screen to save yourself from headaches. If you do a lot of video calls it can be fun to create an interesting—but professional—background with things like artwork, plants, or collectibles. You’ll love having your passions in your office and your co-workers will enjoy seeing a well-curated setup. It’s also important to make sure the space flows well and you can easily access things you regularly need such as files and documents, a printer, or peripherals such as your webcam and external microphone.


Your home office probably isn’t the biggest room in your home, which means you’ll need to utilize the space more efficiently. Use bookshelves and wall shelves to maximize your storage space. You can also add a small cabinet under the desk if there’s room in order to accommodate documents and keep them organized so they’re easy to find whenever you need them. Cube shelving can be incredibly useful in a home office space for storing papers and documents or different odds and ends that are needed during your workdays.


When planning your storage, don’t forget to save some room for your decorations. Pictures of your family, a photo from the place you’re hoping to visit soon, a curated collection, your favorite art pieces, or anything that gets your mojo flowing can be included in your home office. Staying surrounded by items that revitalize your spirit and bring you joy can make a big difference in your mood and productivity during your workdays. Rotate items in and out to keep your office scenery fresh and interesting.

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