Home Design Ideas for Pet Owners

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Our pets are family, and it’s easier than ever to incorporate their needs into your home design.

Our animal companions are often more than just pets, they’re family. As we integrate our pets into the family unit more and more, it makes sense that animal-friendly home design has taken off in popularity over the years. It doesn’t have to be anything major or dramatic (though it can be) to make life a little bit easier and more comfortable for you, your family, and your beloved pet.

Integrate Food & Storage

One of the most common small upgrades for pet owners is an integrated space for food and water bowls, with storage for dry food nearby. These are often built into a side of kitchen cabinetry or a kitchen island, with a pull-out drawer for food storage to make mealtimes quick and easy. These can be done for dogs or cats. If you have both, you can also create an integrated feeding space off the ground to keep the cat food away from the dog.

Create Comfy Cubbies

Animals love to snuggle up into tight spaces, so comfy cubbies are almost guaranteed to be a hit with your furry companions. These can be built into any cabinetry in the bathroom or kitchen, or as a private area under the stairs with a little more wiggle room. Lay their favorite bed into their cubbies, or go all-out decorating their space under the stairs so they can be comfortable no matter which room they’re in.

Hide the Litter Box

Litter boxes are unsightly, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a good spot to tuck them away where they won’t be seen by guests. When working on your home design, consider some built-in solutions that will easily hide your litter box while still offering easy access for cleaning. Wall benches or storage pieces are great for looking stylish in your home while keeping the litter box hidden.

For Dogs, A Wash Area

Every dog owner knows how important it is to have a place to give them a good shampoo and rinse. Whether they just need a regular cleaning or they got into some mud, having an easy-access wash area made specifically for your dog can make cleaning them up go a lot more smoothly. These often look like miniature showers and can also be a place to stash some treats for your best friend.

For Cats, A Play Space

Cats can be very active, and that means they need space to run around and be a cat. Whether this is an enclosed outdoor space, a portion of a larger room, or its own room depends on your circumstances and what suits your lifestyle the best. Indoor setups often include cat shelves, scratching posts, and an exercise wheel. Add beds and cat towers for more climbing fun and places to relax after a long day of play. Your cat will be happier for it.

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