Lighten Up in the New Year

Lighten Up in the New Year

Lighten up your home to kick off a fresh start to the new year! Check out these projects to help you get started.

Welcome to 2020!  Setting goals in January is common practice for many of us — and after a period often marked by overindulgence, our improvements tend to focus on our wellbeing.  However, we want you to consider lightening up your house as well! From a season of gift-giving, to a time of year that most of the family is indoors, to the possibility of selling your home and building a new custom home, there are many reasons to take stock and reduce a feeling of heaviness around your home. Here are four weekend projects that you can complete this month and lighten up your living spaces!


Clean out your linen closets and bathroom cabinets and discard all out of date medications. Expired medications serve no purpose and pose a safety hazard, especially in homes with small children. Many towns and municipalities have programs for the safe disposal of prescription medications. Be sure to check with your local government or pharmacist so that you can participate. Next, repeat the same process in your kitchen. Past dated ingredients lose their freshness and flavor, and health supplements and vitamins lose their potency. Be sure to check your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator. Don’t forget your freezer – no one enjoys food that is freezer burned.


Are children growing out of clothes, shoes and toys? They might have received several new articles of clothing during the holidays, so take a weekend to go through their closet and dresser. Donate to those in need or consider consignment for selling items in great shape.  There are many online sites available to sell items on your own. Also consider a swap with other parents in your neighborhood or community group. The same goes for your own closet – weed through the items that do not fit or you no longer wear. Remember to keep receipts for any donations for tax time!

On the Mend

Did you find items in your closet that you don’t wear simply due to a ripped seam or hem? Gather these items and take them to your local tailor. Also, remember that some department stores offer in-store tailoring and mending for their brands and inventory. Even if you did not purchase an item in need of repair from their store, this service is often extended for clothes purchased elsewhere for a small fee.

With a Purpose

Do you enjoy crafts and projects? You might want to lighten up your home by repurposing items you already own. If you feel that your décor is tired or dated, breathe new life into it! Tablecloths can become pillow covers, shelving can be painted a bright, fun color to accent your space, furniture can be rearranged and even moved from one room to another. Look online and in magazines, and view your favorite DIY shows to gain inspiration. Painting can work a miracle transformation on both walls and furniture. Consider chalk painting older furniture for more formal or adult spaces, and bright, bold latex for walls and furniture in kids’ rooms and play areas.

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