Painted vs. Stained Cabinets


What’s right for you: painted or stained cabinets? The decision can determine your kitchen’s final look.

The right finish can make your kitchen design a stand-out.  Whether you are building a new custom home with CBI outfitted with your dream cabinets, fully remodeling an older kitchen, or just considering your options to upgrade your current kitchen, it’s important to understand the choices in cabinet finishes. There are two main options: painted or stained cabinets, with a variety of color and cabinet style.  Some folks even decide to mix the two. We’ve worked up a list of the pros and cons of each to help you determine what works best for you.  

The Pros of Painted Cabinets

If you’re looking for something that’s smooth and clean, painted cabinets may be the choice for you. This is especially common in more modern designs, where whites, grays, and trending blues can be used to bring a fresh look to a space. This also allows you to get more creative with colors, offering endless options from subdued to a contemporary and lively respite from more restrained neutrals.  

The Cons of the Painted Route

If you select an interesting, high-quality wood for your cabinetry, you may not want to hide the natural character features of the wood, which is what painting will ultimately do. Depending on how much of the natural wood’s beauty you want to shine through, a stained finish may be best. In addition, painted cabinets may have a higher price tag than their stained counterparts.  It is also more difficult to touch up scratches or damage on a painted cabinet – an important consideration for active households.

Why Pick Stained Cabinets

In contrast to paint, stain helps highlight the texture of wood and is a fantastic choice for a very traditional aesthetic.  Stain penetrates the wood grain, highlighting all of those distinct natural features. Stained finishes are more cost-efficient to manufacture, and scratches are more easily camouflaged and covered with stain.

The Drawbacks of Stained Cabinets

Richly stained cabinets, in darker hues, are popular, but require a bit of extra maintenance to keep them looking great.  Dust is more visible, along with fingerprints, and a ding or scratch will easily show. You’ll also want your stained cabinet doors constructed in a high-quality, solid wood.  As stated, stain will allow the natural grain patterns of the wood to show, so make sure your compare wood species, and choose a finish and wood grain which you find pleasing. 

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