Glass Cleaning: I Can See Clearly Now!

I Can See Clearly Now!

Shining shower panels and glass cleaning— made easy! Check out this and more home cleaning tips from Columbia Builders.

Chances are you’ve welcomed a few — or many! — guests into your home during the holidays, and this week will begin the major clean-up and reorganization of your home. We will have suggestions for home organization coming up, but this week, let’s focus on a specific cleaning chore that many of us struggle to complete: cleaning shower enclosures — particularly clear glass enclosures. It can feel like streak-free, shining glass is elusive, but there are some tips that can help. Read on to restore your bathrooms to tip-top shape after the holiday rush.

The Right Stuff

With spacious, luxury showers topping nearly everyone’s wish list — for either new custom homes or remodels — glass cleaning is more important than ever. Begin with the right tools for the job. A squeegee and a microfiber cloth are musts to work against water spots and streaks. You’ll find the microfiber cloth will reach into difficult areas — corners, around the door handle — that the squeegee cannot. Practicing a fluid motion with the squeegee will help avoid streaks as well.

Squeaky Clean(ers)

With the plethora of cleaning products on the market, including those designed for daily use to prevent soap-scum and limescale buildup, it can be hard to know what’s best. One trick is to use a liquid shower wash instead of bar soap, which leaves much less residue behind. Next, use that squeegee after every shower and utilize your bath’s exhaust fan. A dry environment rids the enclosure of water spots and discourages the growth of mildew. Daily shower sprays can help as well, but you can also make your own to spray your full enclosure after each use:

  • ½ cup rubbing alcohol
  • ½ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 T dishwasher rinse aid
  • 1 t dishwashing liquid
  • Pour ingredients into a 32 oz spray bottle and top off with water

Into the Deep

Even with great daily habits and precautions, inevitably, a deeper clean is required to keep your shower at its best. Soap and shampoo products, along with minerals found in water, will accumulate despite your best efforts. Again, you can turn to items you most likely have on hand to do the job — bleach and water are effective in ridding grout of mildew stains, and eraser sponges will be effective on removing stains and buildup on tiles. A paste of baking soda and water works well if you prefer to make your own less caustic product. And according to the pros, besides cleaning up after each shower, the best glass cleaner to use is a simple solution of vinegar and water. 

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