How to Choose the Right Home Floor Plan

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Every home floor plan is different, and should definitely be looked at before purchasing a home!

When you commission a home builder to create your brand new home, whether it’s a standard or custom home design, you’ll need to choose a home floor plan. A home floor plan is essentially how your new home is going to be laid out, from size to design to how many stories. Every family will need a different home floor plan that will best fit their needs. Therefore, making sure you will be satisfied with your home floor plan is crucial to the enjoyment of your brand new home for many years to come. But not every person or family is “architecture-savvy,” and it may be difficult for them to choose a great home floor plan. The good news? A lot of new home buyers have the same problem, so here’s a guide on how to choose a home floor plan that best fits your family’s preferences. 

Consider the Budget

Even when starting fresh with a new canvas of a cleared lot, there is still a budget to consider. For example, a very elaborate, ornate home floor plan with lots of large rooms and extravagant kitchens and baths will likely be much more expensive than a smaller home with just the essentials. It also just depends on personal preference. Do you want most of your entire budget to go towards the home itself? Then choose a floor plan that is bigger and better. Would you rather have a smaller home layout, so you have plenty of room to build driveways, landscaping fixtures, or a large yard? Then choosing small, simple home floor plans is probably best for your family. 

Choosing the Right Size

Every family is very different, and so are their expectations. For example, are you a family planning to grow? It’s probably best to look at a home floor plan that features more bedrooms than what you currently require. Are you downgrading in home size after the kiddos have left? Then maybe skip the extra bedrooms and choose a layout with more to offer in the space, such as a larger kitchen or fun extra or hidden rooms. It’s also important to choose home floor plans based on your individual lifestyle. For example, if you are planning to age in place, a single-story home layout is probably your best bet. Alternatively, if you love to host parties or neighborhood events, having a larger kitchen or living room than the norm is a great recommendation for your family. 

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