Single-Family Home Construction Tips from a Home Builder

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Your single-family home should most definitely feature these amazing perks!

Transitioning from a multi-family dwelling or apartment-style life to a custom, brand new single-family home can be quite the jump. But many singles and couples alike want to cross the bridge and make living in a new home a reality, without being in close proximity to others. A yard, with a fence, and maybe even a pool, deck, or patio are the dreams of many people desiring a single-family home. But what about the features of the inside of the home? There are so many different styles to choose from. Here’s a guide on what interior features are “in” right now for your new single-family home. 

Open Concept Single-Family Home Floor Plan

The open concept floor plan is one of the most prevalent design concepts in almost any setting. Offices, retail stores, and even restaurants are all trying out the open-air concept with minimal walls and lots of space, and single-family homes are no exceptions. The trick of the open concept floor plan basically is this: no walls unless absolutely necessary. This means that the entirety of the first floor of a single-family home, with few exceptions, is one big room. Of course, areas like bathrooms, pantries, closets, home offices and bedrooms are fine to have doors for privacy reasons, but other than that, everything is open. This allows for unique customization of spaces and the ability to rearrange furniture with ease. Plus, there are a lot of environmental benefits of open floor plans, such as maximizing the use of natural light during the day.

Glass Walls and Doors

Regardless of whether you have a patio or deck, you should make use of glass in your single-family home. Glass doors or even walls are a great way to immediately heighten the elegance of your home in a simple way. Glass walls are essentially very large windows that often are strategically placed to highlight a majestic view. But they can also be used as sliding doors that lead to the outdoor areas of the house. They are a great way of letting in natural light and can be tinted for privacy if that is a concern. 

Set to Age in Place

Let’s face it– dealing with the real estate market can be a huge pain. So many homeowners want to purchase their custom single-family home and never have to move again in their lifetime. If this is something you’ve considered, try designing your house in a way that can allow for aging in place. Keeping things to one level, such as bedrooms and kitchens and larger bathrooms with walk-in capabilities, is a great way to prevent having to move again or consider leaving space for a future elevator First floor bedroom and bath for guests, aging parents and future use by the owner when one floor living is desired is a very popular feature that is here to stay.


Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space is a major area of importance in today’s homes.  From fenced yards creating private space with landscaping, pools, water features, hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, pizza ovens, covered and open patios & decks, fireplaces and more. Folks are really going all out and making use of their outdoor space as an expansion of their home. It’s the new room of the house.

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