Tips on Creating a Home Gym

Tips on Creating a Home Gym

With these tips, you can create a home gym that gets you closer to your fitness goals this year!

Now that we’re in the new year, it’s time for us to make new year’s resolutions again! For many people, one excellent resolution is to fit more exercise into their routine. Traditionally, people commit to this resolution by visiting the gym more often. However, with many gyms operating at reduced capacity and folks still feeling uncomfortable about public spaces, now is the chance to examine how to create a home gym. A home gym should get you excited or motivated to work out, not just a corner designated to store your jump ropes or weights. With these tips, you can create a home gym that gets you closer to your fitness goals this year!

Consider Your Equipment

First, think about the equipment you have and plan to use in your home gym. By taking stock of all the equipment you use for your different workouts, you can plan how best to store everything and how much space you need to allocate for the creation of your home gym area. For example, you may have a machine or two, like a treadmill or weight machine, that takes up considerable but defined space when in use. But if you have things like hand weights or yoga mats, those can more easily be taken out and put away at the end of your workout sessions. Keep your space tidy and gear organized by utilizing racks, closets, shelves, or other organizers for all your stuff.

Location and Placement

Where should you make your home gym? Well, some people prefer to keep their treadmill or bike machine in a bedroom or living room to use, but we can hardly call that a home gym. In some cases, you want a dedicated space for all your workout needs, so there are fewer things you need to do before you get started on your actual exercise (who wants to rearrange the furniture just to bust out their workout gear every time?). Some fitness-minded homebuyers actually purchase a new home with creating a home gym in mind, like a spare room on the ground floor or a spot in the basement. Also, think about the flooring upon which you will set up the gym equipment. You don’t want your heavy equipment and rigorous movements damaging your floor’s structural integrity or the finish.

Air Circulation Needs

Another significant consideration when exercising is getting adequate air circulation. Not only does good airflow keep you comfortably cool during workouts, but it can also prevent your home gym from filling with sweaty odors. Keeping portable fans or installing a ceiling fan could do the trick. Just make sure the ceilings are tall enough, so it’s out of your way. You can also choose  a windowed area of your home for the gym. You’ll get plenty of natural light, which can boost your mood even more during a workout. Plus, the open windows could let you exercise with fresh air while in the comfort of your home.

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