Tips for Selecting Your Kitchen Appliances

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The right kitchen appliances can make your custom home or home remodeling project truly something special.

Kitchens are a special space, and often the heart of a home.  Whether remodeling or purchasing a new custom home, much thought is required for the design, with particular attention to kitchen appliances.  With a wide variety of equipment available in style, price, and functionality, planning ahead is very important. From the casual cook to the at-home chef, your appliances will serve you for many years to come, so give yourself time to evaluate how you will live and work in your kitchen.  This will also help to establish how much of your budget should be allocated to this substantial investment. Here are some things to consider.


The best place to begin is to determine how your kitchen will function and the layout of appliances that works best for you.  From standard ranges to commercial units, gas or electric, double wall ovens and cooktops – there are many choices in cooking appliances alone.  Deciding on your cooking equipment first will determine your sink and refrigerator placement, ensuring an efficient working environment.

Bring on the Heat – Ranges, Cooktops, Wall Ovens and Microwaves

Cooking appliances will be your biggest investment.  Your selections should focus on your available space and your cooking habits.  Double wall ovens with a separate cooktop and microwave are standard in our custom homes and offer the most flexibility for cooking and baking.  However, larger commercial style gas ranges have grown in popularity, even with their luxury price tag.  These ranges can be equipped with a variety of cooking options such as a grill or griddle, along with low-simmer and high efficiency power burners.  Even higher-end standard size slide-in and free-standing ranges have taken on the commercial look in recent years, and can offer more features than ever before.  And, the days of dedicating counterspace to a microwave oven are happily behind us. Today’s variety of placement options include above the range, built-in, and below the counter drawer styles.  

Keeping it Cool – Refrigerators

Refrigerators are the largest of your appliances; they take up both visual and physical space.  You’ll find two depths of refrigerators – standard and counter depth. Standard depth refrigerators are the popular choice, offering the most cubic storage and affordability.  Whether you choose a bottom freezer, French door or side by side design is based on your capacity needs and style preference. Counter depth refrigerators cost more, but are less of a budget strain than a fully custom built-in fridge.  These units also work well in kitchens where clearance is a consideration. Both depths are available in wider widths (42” or 48”), which you might consider if your space and budget allows, and you’ll want to take into account your other needs such as ice and water on the door or within the unit.

Clean it Up – Dishwashers

Studies have shown the number one requirement purchasers have when choosing a dishwasher is noise.  Dishwasher noise is rated in decibels and most folks will want a unit with a decibel level in the 40s (the lower the number, the quieter it is).    Look for features that enhance noise reduction as well including a stainless steel tub and quality insulation. Dishwashers vary widely in price, depending on their cycles and noise rating.  The most expensive are single or double drawer style units, which are becoming more popular in luxury kitchens. Beyond their elegant look, their higher-off-the-floor profile provides an easier reach, resulting in less work to load and unload the unit.

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