Choosing Your Kitchen’s Counter and Backsplash

Kitchen Counter and Backsplash

Taking these design tips into account should ensure your kitchen counter and backsplash work harmoniously in your new home!

It’s a question we often hear, which kitchen design item should be chosen first for your new custom home – countertop or backsplash? The decision can become overwhelming quickly, simply due to the sheer number of choices available. How do you select materials that will beautifully coordinate – and look as great as all those kitchen photos you’ve been collecting? Here are a few tried and true pieces of advice from kitchen design experts, and us.

Counter First

Choosing your countertops first is the advice most often given, and we agree. Your kitchen countertops take up quite a bit of linear footage and can be a costly upgrade, depending on the material you select. With less options available – compared to the endless array of tile colors, patterns, and composition – deciding on a countertop first will help narrow down your backsplash choices. Consider making your backsplash the priority only when you have your mind made up on tile that makes a bold statement – either in color, pattern or both.

Star Power

Again, most experts will advise that if you want an element to stand out in your kitchen, it should be either the counter or backsplash, but not both. When you choose a specific color tone or a pattern with quite a lot of movement for one of these design elements, you’ll want the other to take a back seat. Avoid competing patterns and colors that fight for your attention.

Play it Safe…or Not!

Perhaps you like soft tones, clean lines or you just don’t want anything with such permanence in your kitchen vying for anyone’s attention… then neutrals are the way to go. Who doesn’t love a crisp, clean white subway tile backsplash that goes with everything? You might also consider using the same material for both your counter and backsplash, to achieve a seamless, modern aesthetic. But, just maybe you’re tired of playing it safe and you want to make a statement in your kitchen that showcases your own personal style. If your heart is telling you to go with a pattern for both counter and backsplash, take the advice of design experts. Stick to one color palette and allow one pattern to dominate. This will bring cohesiveness to your design.

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