Make an Energy Efficient Home With These Simple Tips

Upkeeping an Energy-Efficient Home

Putting up blinds and curtains on your windows is a cost-effective way to maintain an energy efficient home.

In 2021 we are home more often than ever, so looking to find ways to upkeep an energy efficient home is important. Not only is it better for the earth to stay in an energy efficient home, but it is also advantageous to lower the price of unnecessary heating and electric bills. With almost all family members home all day either in school or in the home office, energy is being used a lot more than in a normal year. Here are some small but simple changes you can make to your home to conserve energy.

Choose Light-Colored Paints

If you are blessed with a home with lots of windows and natural light, consider keeping the walls a light color. Light, either from the sun or from human made lamps, reflects off of lighter colored walls. This reduces the need to add additional electric powered lamps or bulbs. It also allows for more “daylight hours” in your home, meaning the use of artificial lights is not needed for much longer in the day. Lighter colors also are a great trendy choice for a modern interior design look. Whites, creams, pinks, or other pastel-like colors are perfect for a modern home that is energy efficient. 

Ensure Windows and Doors are Sealed Correctly

As homes age and technology improves, keeping a check on your windows and doors becomes increasingly important. The mass of heat or cold air that can come in through even the tiniest of cracks or leaks in the sealant is surprising. Additionally, poorly sealed windows and doors can let in unwanted dirt, bacteria, and harmful spores from the outdoors. Resealing your windows and doors can help prevent the loss or gain of heat and cold depending on the season and lessen the use of the HVAC System. Once the windows are sealed up to standard, another tip is to use light-blocking blinds and curtains. These can be opened when natural light is wanted and closed when it’s dark to manipulate the heat from the sun. 

Consider Adding Pocket Doors Near Outdoor Entrances

If your home includes an entryway to the outdoors or garage with a small and narrow hall space, consider making it into a mudroom by adding a pocket door or barn door. Pocket and barn doors are usually sliding doors that are built directly into or on top of a wall. They are easy to use and don’t detract from the look of the house, since they can be easily opened when needed. Mudrooms are not only beneficial for keeping the house clean, but with a door, they add an additional layer of protection against excessive heat or cold air. 

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