Smart Laundry Room Design

Smart Laundry Room Design

Don’t overlook your laundry room design! Here are some ways to make this space more efficient and stylish.

A custom home should effortlessly incorporate your design tastes and functional needs.  With Columbia Builders, homeowners don’t need to prioritize one aspect over the other – we’re sure to give every room in your custom home the same high-quality attention as the next.  And this includes the often overlooked — but hugely important — laundry room! Spending a little effort in the design and build of your laundry room will have a positive impact on your life at home – and this holds true if you are remodeling your current home as well. Put this space to work for you, and make home storage and cleaning much more efficient.

Vertical Storage

When remodeling an older home, there’s often a lack of square footage devoted to laundry areas, so the only way to go is up! Vertical storage solutions include ideas like building shelves over your washer and dryer, installing a tall cabinet unit, or stacking your washer and dryer. Design large shelves to be deep enough and support enough weight to also slide your laundry baskets onto them, leaving even more floor space cleared. These principles can be visionary in new builds as well, giving a very open feeling, and will certainly make a tight space in an existing home feel more roomy.

Cabinet Doors

Open cabinets make reaching for your stored items much more accessible. However, cabinet doors offer some considerable functional advantages as well. Closed cabinets can hide away the clutter of clothing, linens, and other household items people typically store in laundry rooms. Keeping these things out of sight gives the impression of a tidier, bigger space. Another reason why homeowners may want to consider cabinet doors is the ability to add child-proof or pet-proof cabinet locks to them. This is especially helpful with keeping your little ones or furry friends from getting into detergents and other household cleaning supplies.

Wall Hooks or Rail

Stylish wall hooks or rails can be lovely decorative pieces in your custom home’s laundry room. The right wall accessory can enhance whatever style you like, from rustic to modern, without taking up precious space. An added bonus: these wall-mounted hooks and rails are perfect for drying delicates and hanging up mismatched socks.

Small Sink

If you are remodeling an older space, try installing a small sink beside your washer and dryer if you currently lack one. A sink not only elevates the appearance of an ordinary laundry space; it has practical uses too. The small sink is ideal for pre-treating or soaking stubborn stains out of fabrics before they go through the wash.

Sliding Door

To gain even more space, consider switching out the traditional swivel-hinged doors for a barn style or a wall-recessed sliding door. Having to choose whether to swing the door in-or-out of the cramped laundry room or limited hallway space is tough. A sliding door eliminates your need to decide when the space-saving design moves parallel to your walls. Moreover, these doors are easy to open and close, even while you’re hauling a laundry basket.

Design and Build Your Dream Home with Columbia Builders!

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