Ideas for a Custom Smart Home

Columbia Builders Custom Smart Home

A custom smart home can enhance your comfort level and give you peace of mind.

Smart technology is permeating our lives, for better or for worse. The great thing about having a custom smart home built is that you can tailor your smart technology to your needs and lifestyle. There is an incredible amount of smart technology available for homes, so it’s important to narrow down your options and decide which areas of your home are the most important for integrating smart technology.

Safety & Security

Safety and security might be one of the best uses of smart technology. Integrated systems offer unparalleled protection when it comes to emergency situations such as break-ins and fires. These systems offer peace of mind as well as constant monitoring. High-end systems include options such as an automatic emergency response from the fire department and law enforcement when an alarm goes off.


Smart security systems include options such as cameras around the home, door sensors, and automatic locks. These integrated systems can do things like locking your door at a certain time each night in case you accidentally forgot to, sending an alert to your phone when a package has been delivered, and using deter functions to make noise when movement is detected near your home. These systems are useful if something happens, but their real value is in their ability to deter would-be criminals from trying something in the first place.


Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased with some smart security systems. These add a significant layer of protection to your home. When a smart alarm goes off, local fire authorities are immediately alerted and will call through your hub to ensure your safety. An immediate response in the event of an emergency is critical to protecting your home and the lives within.

Heating & Cooling

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular additions to homes. These make it easy to control the heating and cooling systems in your home for maximum efficiency. They can learn patterns and adjust your temperature automatically, set from anywhere through your phone, and even set to different temperatures depending on whether you are home or not. These can save you money by keeping your home warmer or cooler depending on the season and using your heating and cooling systems less.

Lighting & Windows

Smart lighting and window treatments can help you manage how much light your home gets from simply opening an app on your phone. From integrated lighting systems to automatic window shades, you can have complete control over these elements of your custom smart home.


Lights might seem like a throwaway idea for a smart home, but there are a lot of options on the market that offer to make your home a little homier. Some smart lights are used for changing the color and setting different moods, while others detect natural light and movement to determine how much light to emit at any given time. Some lights even have a vacation mode which causes them to turn lights on and off throughout the day, making it seem as if someone is home.


Smart window treatments allow you to open and close your window shades with your phone, or even set a schedule so you never have to think about opening and closing your window treatments. This can be a great asset if you are someone who enjoys natural light, but also privacy. Set schedules based on the season or your daily routine to make the most of smart shades.

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