Gardening Shopping List For Beginners (Part 1)

Columbia Builders Gardening Beginners

Gardening can be daunting for beginners, especially if you don’t have the right tools to make it easier for yourself.

When you’re just beginning your gardening journey, you might be tempted to get started with a few small tools and some seeds to see where it goes. It’s understandable to hesitate when it comes to buying a bunch of gardening tools if you’re just getting started. You don’t need to buy everything on this list to get your garden up and running, but each tool has its own specialized application that will make the start of your gardening journey a little bit smoother.


You’re going to be jamming your hands into the dirt, and nature loves to bite back, so a pair of quality gardening gloves is a must for every gardener, no matter what their skill level is. Your gardening gloves should fit snugly without being tight and have long cuffs to protect your arms, as well as be waterproof and breathable for ultimate comfort.

Pruning Tools

There are a number of various pruning tools available. You don’t need all of them to get started, but it’s important to know what kinds of pruning tools are available and what each one is most commonly used for.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears, also known as hand pruners or secateurs, come in two main styles: anvil and bypass. Bypass pruners are the more important of these two styles, as they are the ones used to cut live plants and wood. Anvil pruners are best used for dead wood, as they run the risk of damaging live plants. Ratcheting pruners are a great option for gardeners that have arthritis or weaker hands than normal, thanks to their superior cutting power.


Loppers are just pruners with longer handles, allowing you to manage plants that would normally be out of your reach. They also come in both bypass and anvil styles, and they’re also better suited for handling larger branches that are more than 1” in diameter. These tools come in various lengths, and they can be pretty heavy. However, there are aluminum or carbon-composite handles available for a lighter option.

Watering Tools

Watering Can

You’ve likely seen one of these and know what it’s for—you may have even used one before. Watering cans can be plastic or metal. Plastic is lighter, but it will degrade more quickly and need to be replaced more often. Metal is heavier and can weigh more than 8 pounds with a single gallon of water in it, but it can last for many years.

Rain Wand

A rain wand, or watering wand, is a hose attachment with a very long neck that gently disperses water to plants that are difficult to reach with a watering can. There are various lengths available, so choose one that suits your needs the best.

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