Fall Checklist Around the House


Brush up on this fall checklist to help get your home in the right condition during the season.

As fall begins this weekend, take advantage of the coming cooler days to prepare your home for the winter months.  The change of seasons provides an ideal time to close up shop outdoors and check a variety of items in around your home that haven’t been utilized in months – such as your fireplace and furnace.  Here’s a quick list of items you’ll want to complete before cold weather arrives.

Close Up Your Outdoor Living Area

With warm days still here in the Mid-Atlantic, take the time to clean up your deck or patio.  Washing and drying your outdoor cushions and furniture now means they’ll be ready to go in the spring.  When you are ready to store these items, you might find that It’s also a great time to clean out your garage.  By sweeping the floor (or using a leaf blower) and some quick reorganization, you can neatly stow your family’s warm weather equipment, toys, and furniture.

Clean Up Your Landscape

Fall is a great time for planting – we talked about planting trees just last week! – and reestablishing your yard if it suffered damage over the hot summer months.  Seeding, fertilizing, and pruning should be part of every homeowner’s fall to-do list.  If you find you have questions, don’t despair!  There are many resources available to help you get your lawn and garden in top shape.  These resources include local garden centers, your local extension office, online garden sites, and even big box retailers.

Shut off the Water

Prevent damage to your home’s plumbing system by draining and shutting off the water to all exterior faucets before freezing temperatures are here.  Be sure to drain water hoses and store inside until the weather is warm again.

Perform a Safety Check

Walk around your property and inspect the walkways, steps, railings and driveway of your home.  If the structural integrity of any of these outdoor elements is at risk, now is the time to correct any deficiencies.  Ensuring that these components are in good repair isn’t as simple as aesthetics – it’s a matter of making sure everyone is safe, particularly when ice or snow falls and accumulates.  Your safety check should also include an assessment of your winter equipment such as snow shovels and blowers. Take preventative steps now to have machinery serviced and stock up on items like ice melt and a new snow shovel, if needed.  Lastly, make sure every car in your household is equipped with a winter emergency kit.  

Turn Up the Heat

Cold weather shouldn’t prevent you from being comfortable in your home.   If you haven’t already scheduled an annual service check for your furnace and fireplace, do so now.  Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system allows it to run more efficiently, reducing energy costs.  If you live in an older home, make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent air leakage as well – this will save money on your winter utility bills as well.

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