Planting Trees


What should you know about planting trees near your home? Find out more with us here at Columbia Builders.

Nothing is quite as important as trees when creating a healthy, robust landscape.  Not only do trees offer privacy and aesthetic benefits, but they improve the environment by cleaning the air and providing shade.  With so many options available in size, shape and variety, there is much to consider prior to adding a tree, or several, to your home’s landscape.  Let’s examine what should be evaluated when selecting and planting trees, so you choose wisely and have enjoyment for many years to come! 

Picking a Tree

What tree is right for your yard?  There are several factors at play, but first let’s look at what you wish to accomplish by adding a new tree.  If you want lots of shade – either to cool your outdoor living space or to help reduce utility bills by passively cooling down your home – you should consider a broad leaf deciduous tree or an evergreen.   Evergreens work well for privacy and wind screening as well. Some folks want a tree for aesthetics, either in form, flower or color. Many varieties of fruit trees flower beautifully in the spring, mature to a more modest size, and work well as a focal point in a garden.  You may wish to select a tree with interesting foliage – either in seasonable color such as a red leafed maple or plum tree – or one that provides only dramatic fall color. One last thing to consider is clean up – how much debris a tree will generate may be a concern if your yard includes a pool.

Know Your Site

When building a new custom home with CBI, you will have the opportunity to work directly with our landscape professional, because just as important as knowing what tree you’re going to plant is knowing where it’s going to go. Understanding your site is critical in promoting the growth of a tree as well as ensuring that the tree won’t create a problem on your property.  Be on the lookout for existing infrastructure, power lines or underground utilities, and irrigation. Knowing your site also means knowing what size tree will be appropriate. A quite common mistake is to underestimate the size of a planting at full growth and the space limitations of your yard. If you have any questions, be sure to contact a landscape contractor who specializes in tree planting and maintenance.  

When to Buy and Plant

The fall is a great time to plant trees!  You’ll notice that many home and garden centers are once again stocked and buzzing with activity in the fall.  The best time to plant is when a tree is dormant, typically in the fall after leaves have dropped or in early spring before leaves appear.  This timing allows trees to establish their roots more easily. Many folks do plant trees when they are in leaf or flower, often successfully.  In this scenario make sure to water your new tree consistently and avoid planting during the hottest time of the year – when all trees and plants are under more stress.

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