Elevating Your Home’s Aesthetic with Your Staircase Design

Columbia Builders Staircase Design

Staircases can be built in many different materials and designs to create the perfect tailored look and feel for your home.

Staircases are necessary and functional for multi-level homes, but they are also an important design element that should be carefully considered before you decide on the final look. While most staircases will be wood or carpet with a standard layout, there are a lot more options available—some of which you might not even be aware of. With several different material types for both base and banister, you can create a tailor-made staircase design that elevates your home’s aesthetic.

Base Material


Wood has been the base material for staircases for generations with good reason. It’s highly versatile, stable, and has been a plentiful resource for a very long time. However, times are changing and more options are being used in place of wood to create new and exciting staircases that defy the wood standard.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a luxury option, but it is worth the cost if you choose to use it. Natural stone comes in options such as marble, slate, limestone, granite, basalt, and several others. Each stone has its own unique look, making natural stone an excellent choice to elevate your home’s aesthetic. Go for elegant and luxurious with marble, dark and mysterious with basalt, or complement a neutral design with slate or limestone.


It might be surprising to consider concrete as an option for your staircase design, but it actually has several important advantages over other materials. Concrete is affordable and readily available, making it a better choice for a tighter budget than an option such as natural stone. Concrete is also capable of being formed into any shape, making the possibilities endless for your final staircase design. This can be especially beneficial if your staircase needs to be installed in an awkward area.

Banister & Railing Design

Once you’ve decided on your base material and design, it’s time to think about the banister and railing. This is an important safety feature of your staircase, but it’s also a huge statement piece for your home. The options for these are almost endless—from glass to steel cables—so thinking carefully about what’s best for your staircase design is critical.


One of the more popular options, glass can make a design feel as light as a feather while making the whole space seem significantly larger than it actually is. Glass used in staircase design is strong safety glass with specialty mounting hardware to keep the glass safely in place without running the risk of cracking or shattering, so you don’t have to miss out on this wonderful material even if you have children or pets.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron brings a timeless, classic look to a space. These railings can be straight or curved, creating unique visual interest. These can be molded to be very artful and beautiful, elevating the look of a classically-designed home. These can also be powder coated to any color, offering even more options for the perfect custom look.


A cable railing in a wood or metal banister can provide significant safety benefits while perfectly accenting modern or industrial design. This style allows for high visibility, but it doesn’t have the airy feel that glass brings. Using low-profile cables will elevate a modern design while using cables with large connectors will look right at home in an industrial design.

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