Design Secrets for a Luxury Bedroom

Luxury Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your own private oasis. Here’s how you can create the luxury bedroom of your dreams!

It’s no secret that most of our time at home is spent in our bedrooms. Although sleeping occupies much of that time, it’s where we begin and end each day, making it important to set the right tone for cheerful mornings and relaxing evenings. How do you create a space that feels like a private retreat – encouraging a restful night, and starts the day off right? Let’s take a look at some ideas to guide you, whether you’re ready to build your new custom home or looking to improve your current surroundings.

Architectural Details

Deciding upon details such as moldings and trim, lighting, ceiling fans, and flooring will depend upon your individual style. What relaxes you – minimalism with modern clean lines or traditional with layered elements? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, where rest and relaxation come first. A detail to consider is the ceiling – a tray or coffered ceiling will be seen more in your bedroom than any other room of your home, and a beautiful ceiling fan or chandelier can be added for comfort or additional lighting. The one universal concept for a sumptuous bedroom is that it be uncluttered. Proper storage is key, but resist the temptation from storing things under your bed – it’s bad feng shui!

Furniture Placement

A bed anchors a bedroom, and creates a focal point. You’ll want ample clearance on all sides of the bed, as well as a walkway to your adjoining bath. In addition to a dresser or armoire, two nightstands and a seating area will round out the room. Be creative with your space – if you find storage to be limited, utilize smaller dressers as night tables. Conversely, if wall space is limited on either side of the bed, opt for small shelves (free-standing or mounted to the wall) with wall fixtures in place of lamps, which will free up valuable floor space. Seating, if it’s just a bench at the end of your bed or small chair in an open corner, will make laying out your clothes and putting on your shoes a simpler task. It’s also a great place to read or journal. If at all possible keep exercise equipment in the basement or dedicated room, and relocate files, paperwork and anything else to do with work to another part of the house.

Textiles and Décor

Deciding on color is the starting point for decorating your bedroom, being sure to select colors you find soothing or that make you happy. Neutrals and blues tend to be relaxing to most people, but if a bright and bold room is your style, go for it! Soft textures – from rugs to throws and comforters to pillows – will feel as good as they look in your bedroom, as well as a padded fabric headboard. Personal photos or artwork that you love go well in your private space, but remember to be practical as well. Proper lighting near your bed for reading, as well as draperies or shades to block light while you sleep are equally important.

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