Caring for Hardwood Floors

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood flooring can stay beautiful for many years if you follow these basic care tips!

You can’t go wrong with the classic look of hardwood flooring in your new custom home. With more choices of species, finishes and colors than ever before, hardwood floors are a popular choice for homeowners. And it’s no secret why – today’s wood floors are beautiful and durable, and require little to keep them looking great year after year. So how do you best care for a new wood floor?

Daily Upkeep

The best practice to implement for caring for your hardwood floors is to keep the day to day grit and grime to a minimum, particularly in high traffic areas. Dust mopping, vacuuming or sweeping your floors should be done daily or every few days, depending on your lifestyle – the size of your household, if you wear shoes inside your home, and if you have pets should be factors in how often your floors need attention. When it is time to vacuum or sweep, make sure all rotation is turned off on your vacuum cleaner, or use an attachment for wood floors; if a broom is your cleaning tool of choice, be sure to utilize one with synthetic fiber tips. By removing the daily dust and dirt, you will decrease the particles that cause surface scratches to your floor, which dull the luster and finish.

Weekly Clean

Beyond dusting, wood floors require regular cleaning as well. It’s a simple process, as long as you abide by a few rules. Don’t use a mop and bucket of water – water can seep into the wood, expanding it and creating a myriad of problems from warping the boards to ruining the finish. Don’t use cleaners that are manufactured for use on other types of flooring – such as tile or vinyl.  Do use a microfiber pad, pre-moistened with a cleaning solution specially formulated for use on hardwood flooring. The last word?  Most manufacturers do not recommend using steam cleaners on wood floors, as the wood will absorb the steam’s moisture, damaging the floor in the process.

A Word on Older Floors

Perhaps you live in an older home and you’re not sure how the floors have been finished and sealed. Prior to the 70s, wood floors were coated with a variety of products from shellac to varnish and wax. These finishes will require different cleaning methods than floors that are factory finished. Consult a local flooring specialist to assist you with the correct cleaning and preserving methods for an older floor.

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