Advice on Dining Room Furniture and Decor

Advice on Dining Room Furniture and Decor

Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to retire some of your existing pieces, check out some of these tips and thoughts on choosing dining room furniture.

Now that we’re fully in the holiday season, a lot of attention has returned to the dining room. In truth, the dining room design and furniture we use is more important than what most folks first think. Of course, many homes use their dining room as a setting for formal gatherings. However, many should try to make the most out of this space for everyday casual dining. The right dining room furniture and decor can make this room a perfect place for daily family gatherings and enjoying your delicious meals together. It is less of a sacred space reserved only for larger functions. Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to retire some of your existing pieces, check out some of these tips and thoughts on choosing dining room furniture.

The Dining Table

The dining table is pretty much the star of the room. It dictates the stylistic foundation of your dining room design and, of course, must serve as the sturdy, functional surface for you to take your meals. The best way to go about choosing this dining room furniture from the vast styles, sizes, and shapes is to pick based on the table’s proportions with the room. You may have a bit more freedom with this choice if your dining area incorporates other open areas, like the kitchen or living room.

Dining Room Chairs

A beautiful set of dining room chairs can unify the design scheme. Like tables, dining chairs come in several different styles, shapes, and materials. The good part is that your chairs don’t exactly have to match the look of your table. To an extent, you can vary these dining room pieces to bring more interest and variety to the overall aesthetic. But whatever the case, don’t pick your chairs until you’ve sat in them yourself. Stylish chairs mean very little if you and your guests are uncomfortable in their seats during meals.

Storage Piece

A nice storage piece can serve multiple purposes. A sideboard, cabinet, hutch, bar cart, buffet, or wall table can make for a lovely addition to your dining room furniture collection. They can be used to store or display special pieces or decorative items. It works well as additional storage for occasional use dishware and cookware that many only break out once or twice a year, thus saving you space in your kitchen cabinets. The extra surface space is extremely useful during dinner parties to place extra serving dishes or drinks. Finally, the dining room will look more complete with these useful furniture pieces rather than just the expected table and chairs.


Don’t forget to find lighting fixtures to compliment your dining space.  From linear designs to the classic round chandelier table lighting, there are countless designs and styles from which to choose. Make sure to research sizing your light for the space so you make a size appropriate selection and hang it at the preferred height. And don’t forget about other lighting. Some folks go with track lighting, recessed lights, and wall sconces. You will want to have adequate and adaptable lighting for both soft and bright conditions. Think about game night after a meal. Some folks use their large table area for large baking projects or arts and crafts. There is no limit to what you can do when you have proper lighting.

Area Rug

Lastly, add tons of style without taking up space by adding an area rug. Choose a large area rug that can go under your table and chairs. Make sure it’s one that is easy to clean, like those that are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll want a rug that is durable enough to handle scraping chair legs and washing out spilled food stains. Check out the new washable rugs at ruggable.com. Additionally, the rug can add visual interest and break up the monotony of having wood furniture on wood floors.

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