5 Tips to Start a Spring Edible Garden

5 Tips to Start a Spring Edible Garden Columbia Builders

The trick to great gardening is following each instruction meticulously. So, here you will learn essential tips on how to start your edible garden this spring!

Spring is right around the corner, and you may be excited and want to try an edible garden in your yard or even balcony. It is an excellent move since you will have some fresh vegetables at your disposal.  Gardening is more of a DIY project; however, you must exercise patience and be ready to learn every day. 

You can do better as a novice and fail miserably as a veteran. The trick to great gardening is following each instruction meticulously. So, here you will learn essential tips on how to start your edible garden this spring! 

Start Small

The rule of thumb for beginning your edible garden is to start small. Don’t get over-excited and turn your whole yard into a kitchen garden. The key is to keep it simple and reasonable as you continue learning the dos and don’ts. Also, a small garden is quite manageable, from weeding to watering the plants.

Determining What to Plant

There are many varieties of vegetables and herbs, and deciding what to plant is critical. So, you should complete your research and settle for the ideal plants for your garden. For starters, go for easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Also, you should purchase already established seedlings if you are unsure of setting a seed nursery. 


Choose a perfect location to establish your vegetable garden. An ideal location should access sunlight for at least 5 hours a day. Also, ensure the soil has excellent properties like nutrient level and PH. If the ground is infertile, you can use compost manure to top up the nutrient levels. Also, you can consider container gardening if you have limited space. 

Garden Tools

If you are trying out gardening for the first time, you may have not have the tools needed in your possession. So, make sure to obtain the essential gardening tools like garden gloves, weeder, trowel, kneepad and any other items  that will make your gardening experience blissful 

Garden Routine

After planting your seedlings, you need to keep up with weeds, pests, and the watering schedule. Your garden should remain weed and pest-free throughout the season. Also, ensure you water your vegetables regularly to keep the soil moist. You may use mulch to suppress weeds and keep the soil moist.

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