Custom Home Necessities That You Don’t Want To Forget 

Custom Home Necessities That You Don't Want To Forget Columbia Builders

Ideally, it would be best if you considered having plugs, switches, and sockets in the bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, and any location inside your house where you need light or power.

Building a perfect custom home can be impossible without a keen eye for detail. Even the most experienced, careful home builders forget to set up some small yet necessary equipment and features. We have compiled a list of essential custom home necessities that you are likely to omit. 

Plugs, Sockets, & Switches

It is common to install plugs, switches, and sockets in inappropriate locations or even forget to install them altogether. This brings costly and avoidable inconveniences. Essentially, light switches should be placed near the entry to put lights on/off when accessing the room. Similarly, plugs and sockets should be placed where needed. 

Ideally, it would be best if you considered having plugs, switches, and sockets in the bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, and any location inside your house where you need light or power. Furthermore, it would be best to remember installing these electrical types of equipment outside the house for outdoor activities. 

Key Interior & Exterior Lighting

In most cases, custom home necessities such as the lighting in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry area, and the outside walkways are forgotten. However, these lights are essential to enhance vision and prevent minor accidents like falls and slips. Proper lighting throughout your new home can really make a difference for both safety and aesthetics.

Storage Space

The idea of having your new home built can lead to excitement and you may forget about your storage needs. you should consider the number of clothes you have and the space you need for them. Will the additional closets throughout your home accommodate your supplies and hobby storage? How about the kitchen cabinets? Will they fit your utensils and accessories?  Is the Pantry large enough to accommodate all of your goods?  You might realize you need more storage space than you anticipate.


Pets are part of us. Their requirements should be one of the custom home necessities. Unfortunately, we forget about them when building our homes. To avoid their disturbances, make a designated area for serving your dog or cat food. If you have a kitty box, set aside its designation. Moreover, have a place to bathe your pet and bathing facilities. 

Home Security

There’s more to security than just a security fence or wall. For example, an excellent way to prevent theft is installing motion sensors, alarms, and camera surveillance. There are many new and convenient products and services to make your life more secure.

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