5 Tips for Helping Kids With Remote Learning

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With more kids expected to utilize remote learning, even those who normally go to school, parents need to have ways to help their kids succeed in a remote learning environment.

Many children and teens have gone to remote learning as a full-time alternative, which has created a unique set of problems for schools and parents as they try to navigate how to keep kids engaged and studious when they’re not in a dedicated learning environment—a school classroom. The structure that going to a physical classroom offers is a big benefit of sending children to school, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. In addition, due to the availability of remote learning, even snow days are getting canceled. Many schools are choosing to switch to remote learning in lieu of giving students the day off, so many parents need to know how to help their kids handle remote learning.

Create a Proper Workspace

An adult that works from home should have a home office because a dedicated workspace helps you get in the right headspace and is set up specifically for a successful workday. The same rules apply to kids and teens—they need a dedicated workspace that is set up for their specific needs to allow them to focus on their remote learning and schoolwork.

One of the first things to consider when setting up a work area for your kids and teens is distractions. Distractions need to be removed as much as possible, especially when you’re setting up an area for a young child. They will need more supervision and a cleaner area that allows them to focus as much as possible.

Another important consideration is the noise level. Many people mistakenly think that silence is necessary for focus, but this isn’t always the case. For some students, silence will be golden. However, for others, it might be beneficial to allow them to have music or even a show on in the background at a low volume while they work. These sounds should be avoided while the student is in a class with an instructor, but they might help while the child or teen is doing homework or studying.

Have a Routine

Humans thrive on routine, and our children are no different. If your child is a full-time remote learning student, having a routine in place is the best method for supporting their success. While this schedule can mimic a regular school day, there is a lot of room for improvement when you can make your own schedule that suits your child’s needs. You should take advantage of any freedom you have in their schedule and tailor it to their needs as much as possible for the best results.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Humans thrive on positive reinforcement—we don’t want to be put down, we want to be lifted up. Whenever your child completes a task or does well, always remember to give them some positive reinforcement. Give them a hug, offer a gold star sticker, keep a record of their accomplishments, and let them cash in for something they want. How you do it is up to you.

Schedule Mental Breaks

Consider working in “brain breaks,” sections of time where your child is allowed to put down their work and have some fun before sitting down to get some more work done. Everyone needs time to decompress, and younger children are even more prone to needing a mental break during their school day. How they spend this break isn’t important, it’s just a means to let them get away from their work for a little while and unwind. Take them outside, read a book, play a game, or do any other activity that isn’t school-related.

Socialization is Important

If your child or teen is doing remote learning full-time, don’t forget the importance of socialization. This is a critical life skill that is a little harder to develop when a child is remote learning, but it can absolutely be done. Schedule play dates and sleepovers with your child’s friends, so they still have opportunities to be social and enjoy contact with their peers.

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