5 Fun Party Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Bash

Columbia Builders New Year's Eve

Throwing a fun New Year’s Eve party is a great way to start the new year off with a bang!

The New Year is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to plan your New Year’s Eve bash. Once you’ve picked out your champagne and snack offerings, what else is there to do?

Share Stories

Invite everyone to share stories from the past year, good or bad. It can be a lot of fun to remember the fun times that took place over the year, especially if it’s a memory that involves multiple people at the gathering. It can also be very cathartic to talk about the not-so-good times in a safe space with family and friends who will be supportive and understanding. Strengthen the memories that bring you joy, and leave the bad stuff behind.

Make an Instagram Wall

Find a wall where you can set up balloons, banners, metallic fringe, or even a countdown clock where your guests can take photos. This is a fun way to present and share the memory of the party and have a fun time welcoming in the new year. For some added pizzazz, you can DIY some simple photo props like a mustache on a stick, flashy glasses, or a masquerade mask. These should be simple pieces made of paper or cardstock that have been glued to a long dowel for ease of use.

Bust Out the Board Games

The pandemic brought board games back in a big way. These days, you can find many different styles of board games, including a lot of simple party games like Sushi Go or Codenames. It’s a great social experience that everyone will look back on fondly. This can be especially enjoyable for gatherings that include younger participants.

Pump Up the Jams

Make a New Year’s playlist by having all of your friends submit a song directly to you to be added, or create a shared playlist on Spotify so that everyone can add a song of their choice. Over the course of the night, play this playlist so that everyone gets a chance to hear a song they have a deep connection to. For smaller gatherings, you can have guests submit a few different songs to ensure that the music lasts all night.

Alcoholic Dessert

This might be one to skip if you’re hosting small children, but a boozy dessert can be a really fun addition to any all-adult New Year’s Eve bash. You can choose a recipe that already has booze in it, or add booze to an established recipe. Be careful about adding booze to recipes, as the added liquid content will destabilize the batter. You can swap extracts for booze as well. Experiment with different alcohols and quantities for the perfect boozy dessert.

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