Thinking About Your Custom Home Exterior

Columbia Builders Home Exterior

It’s important to also think about the exterior when planning your custom home.

When planning your custom home, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of the interior. After all, that’s where you’ll be living. While you’re meticulously planning interior functionality and aesthetics, don’t neglect to consider your home exterior as well. There are more factors to consider than you may think.


There are many different styles of home exterior. These range from cottage, victorian, craftsman, ranch, and many others. Don’t settle to have an interior that reflects you and an exterior that is only a shell. Spend some time thinking about what the exterior of your home can reflect about you, and what styles suit your taste as well as the flow of your custom home. The exterior of a home gives the first impression to any visitor, so it’s worth it to make sure that impression complements your interior. Styles also translate to functionality. When you think of an A-frame home, you might tend to imagine it in a snowy setting. That’s not a coincidence, the A-frame style suits snowy regions because snow slides off of the roof and prevents extensive damage. The style of the home should also take the environment into consideration.


When you think of home exterior color, you probably think about non-descript neutral colors that define established neighborhoods. With a custom home, you can branch out a bit and choose a color scheme that looks great and reflects the interior of your home. You could make a statement with a sharp contrast or use a prominent interior color as the exterior accent color to tie the spaces together.


Think about where your windows will go. Windows are an opening between the interior and exterior, so their placement in home design is a critical aspect to making sure the home looks good both inside and outside. If you have too many windows close together you’ll run out of interior wall space and the home exterior will look cluttered. If there aren’t enough windows, the interior won’t get any natural light and the exterior will be barren.

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