The Many Benefits of an Energy Star Home

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Most Howard County homes nowadays are built to conserve energy through the Energy Star home program.

When considering a custom home in Howard County, most of us want to make sure that we are making a sound and ethical decision. Real estate is costly not only to your wallet but also takes a toll on the environment as well. Many Americans have taken steps to make sure that they are as environmentally conscious as possible by conserving electrical energy. This can be an expensive modification to an existing home, especially those on the older side. But, if starting from scratch with an experienced home builder, it’s smart to begin with an Energy Star home. A certified Energy Star home is a great way to ensure your home energy bill is maximizing economic and environmental efficiency since it is built with the highest standards of conservation in mind. These are just a select few of the many benefits of owning a custom Energy Star home here in Howard County.  

Lower Cost of Operation

After the completion of your custom home, you will likely be paying a mortgage which does not include the cost of utilities every month. However, when you build an Energy Star home, your utility bill will be less worrisome each month. Energy Star homes are purposefully designed with features to keep utility costs low by conserving energy as much as possible. This is accomplished by improved HVAC systems, sealed windows, air filtration, and automatic water efficiency systems installed in the house from its initial construction. 

Energy Star Home Certified Quality

In order to achieve qualification as an Energy Star home, all homes must be built with meticulous care. This means that extra attention will be provided by home builders to make sure the home is long-lasting, durable, and comfortable to live in for many years. If working with a completely custom home, a home builder will tell you about everything you’ll need for an Energy Star home qualification and will work with you to make sure it fits in with your dream home idea. In addition to physical quality, another great feature of an Energy Star home is the high-efficiency HVAC system. Not only is this system effective for air cooling and heating, but it can also filter the air of pollutants and humidity from inside the home which can improve the air quality and overall health of the inhabitants of the home.  

Environmental Impact

Lastly, the reason why homes are Energy Star in the first place is for their minimal environmental impact on the community around them. All compliant Energy Star homes conserve water, electricity, and heating as much as possible to ensure as much is saved as possible for a greener approach to housing. 

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