How to Make Succulents the Stars of Your Garden


Succulents can become the star of your custom home’s garden with these tips!

Succulents are very popular plants in gardens today and for very good reason. They grow easily and are resistant to drought, intense sunlight, and wind exposure.  Perfect for containers and rock gardens, while most people think of succulents as desert plants, they can be grown in milder climates, where the winters get cold. Yet, succulents still need some special care in order to turn them into the stars of your garden at your new custom home. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you take care of them this summer.

Protect from the Cold

While a few species of succulents can do well with the cold as long as the soil and leaves are kept dry, the majority of them will grow best when sheltered from frost. Planting them in a sheltered spot provides needed protection from harsh elements.

Protect from Exposure to Rain

Succulents don’t really need a lot of rainwater to stay viable, and moisture during the cooler months can actually harm them by making them more vulnerable to frost damage. Consider using a super porous soil mix to protect your succulents and help them survive during rainy periods. Waterlogged soil can actually hinder the growth of these plants, so before watering them, check to make sure the soil is dry.

Check Light Levels

The amount of light your succulents take in can either hinder or help their growth pattern. A location that’s too shady can lead to lanky plants, but some succulent species need protection from direct sunlight.  Read your plant’s identifying label to determine how much sunlight it needs to flourish and properly grow.

Look Out for Pests

While succulents are hardy, they are not immune to the effects of pests. As long as you keep a close eye on soil and water conditions for your plants, you shouldn’t run into many problems with pests. If an infestation does occur, treat it as you with any other plant with organic sprays or other pest control methods.

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