Keys to Designing a Home Office

Home Office

Designing the ideal home office can completely change how you work from home.

Flexible schedules, telecommuting, and freelance work opportunities mean more and more of us are working from home each year.  When building your new custom home with CBI, we can help you create the workspace that’s right for you, whether you work at home a little or a lot.  Designing an office, and atmosphere, where one can focus and be productive takes planning – especially when you have access to the rest of your home with its inevitable temptations and distractions.  This point is even more valid when faced with fitting an office into your existing home. With that in mind, consider who will use the space, how often, and what needs must be met. By assessing the function and amount of space needed, it’s easy to determine what will work best for you!  Let’s take a look at some keys to designing the perfect home office.

The Dedicated Home Office

If your position permits telecommuting on a regular or permanent basis, a dedicated home office space is best for you.  This choice allows you to keep an entirely separate room with minimal interference, so you can focus and commit to your work.  A quiet part of your home, with doors to help minimize noise and provide privacy is ideal. And, consider integrating modern elements into your design.   From darker hues to industrial components, when your office is a visually separated space from the rest of your home, you’ll more easily switch to the mindset for working.

The Flexible Office

Flex spaces work great for those of us who need to check and reply to emails, or occasionally set up shop at home.  Flex spaces take complete advantage of an available room in your home by serving more than one purpose. This type of home office is a chameleon – it can blend into a guest room or hobby/craft room as easily as a work space.  Neutral décor, natural light, and maintaining adequate floor space are important features in a flexible space so that it never feels cluttered or claustrophobic.

The Nook Office

Similar to flexible spaces, nooks work within an existing room in an even more limited, unobtrusive capacity.  For someone who owns a laptop and typically goes paperless, a nook can be perfect, especially when space is a factor.  If needed, you can conceal the fact that you use the spot as an office at all – built-in lights and minimal, hidden storage options keep everything organized and out of sight when not in use.

The Centralized Office Hub

For a household with many different needs, having a multi-function, centralized office can be a great solution.   This concept allows every household member to have a spot within the office space to function as they need it. From parents working at home or in need of a station to pay bills and run an efficient household, to children needing a homework area or an arts and crafts corner, this is a great way to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

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